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Welcome to the Intrepid Entrepreneur, the resource hub and community built to support the success of passion-driven founders!

I’m Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, the founder of Intrepid and the podcaster behind the Intrepid Entrepreneur.

My vision for Intrepid is to create MORE successful passion-driven founders. It’s been humbling to serve so many through this amazing company and awesome to see that so many seasoned and successful founders within many industries are wanting to contribute to the success of future founders. The Alliance is bringing together the experience of these seasoned entrepreneurs with the needs of today’s passion-driven founders and startups!

Content, training’s, podcast’s and community are the trifecta offered by Intrepid. Entrepreneurs in our community have access to 24-7 resources, including free weekly and monthly content and trainings along with free LinkedIn and Facebook communities

As of May, 2016, the enrollment window opened for the world’s first private membership site, the A-Game Alliance. Another launch window is approaching in November. Click here to get on the wait list.

In the Alliance, entrepreneurs can access a list of 10 (and growing) market-fluent, custom-built course modules, bi-weekly live coaching calls (with me and with industry leading guest mentors), as well the Alliance peer community and resource platform. Alliance members learn and apply best practices from the most seasoned entrepreneurs in many markets as they grow their networks and to collaborate with peers on launching and continually level up their businesses.

The growth of and opportunities for new business ventures is at an all-time highpoint and Intrepid exists to shepherd passion-driven founders to success. Here are a few more facts to consider:

  • FACT: Passion-driven founders have created some of the most incredible businesses throughout history
  • FACT: Passion-driven founders do business in a very specific way
  • FACT: Successful passion-driven founders and startups are also lifestyle businesses – we’re not starting up to flip; in our markets, we’re starting up to feed our own personal passions
  • FACT: Until Intrepid, there was no market-fluent resource or community of peers curated around the very specific needs of what it takes to be successful as a passion-driven entrepreneur

I created Intrepid because such a resource and community needed to exist and in today’s digital-direct era, the platform is here to ensure all passion-driven founders – beginning and seasoned – have access to what they need to be successful.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, already a passion-driven founder, or committed to staying entrepreneurial (gritty, scrappy, relentless about innovating), you’ve so found your community! Welcome!

Check out the site and my podcast and please let me know what you’d like to see in terms of content and training topics.

If you’re curious to learn more about me, my journalism background or my 15-years of founding and running Verde Brand Communications, head over to the About Me page.

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Intrepid Entrepreneur Destination Intensives

I’ll host you on a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION that will help me to tailor my services precisely to your goals.

We have had the pleasure of working with Kristin and Verde for five years — or to put it more accurately – being guided and supported for five very rewarding years. During this time, our company has undergone tremendous change and growth; our brands have become more dominant in the marketplace, and our marketing strategies have made significant shifts.

Cheri McKenzie | Vice President, CMO, Marketing, Confluence Watersports

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and Verde are an integral part of the Accell North America organization. They have allowed us to organize a comprehensive plan of engagement around the media, social media and communication planning. Beyond these initiatives, likely the most valuable asset that Kristin has offered is the development of strategic planning for our business. Kristin brings a valuable, and experienced, perspective to our strategy discussions that we had been missing prior to our engagement with Verde.

Chris Speyer | COO, Accell North America (Raleigh Bicycles, Diamondback, Lapierre Bicycles)

As Kristin’s founding client with Verde, Metolius is proud of the continuous growth we’ve seen between the two companies over the past 12+ years. Kristin’s level of commitment to us has been of the highest order since day 1 and we look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Brooke Sandhal, Metolius Climbing

Back in the day, we had put out requests for PR to a wide field of established and up-and-coming agencies. All of them came back with multi-page proposals that essentially barked up the tree in the same way and followed a boilerplate plan. Kristin was introduced to us on the spur of the moment at a tradeshow; in the 15 minutes we met she presented a more powerful understanding of who we were, where we should go and how to get there than any of the thick well-researched proposals we had read.

Nick Yardley, Julbo Eyewear