Word from the Trail: Haps from Around the Outdoor World

By June 6, 2013Bike, Mountain Life, Outdoor
Photo: Andyarthur.org
Photo: Andyarthur.org

You can feel summer in the air this week. Temps have spiked; highways are busier with summer traffic; people are flocking to the mountains. What else was happening of interest to our mountain towns and extended community?

Well, this ought to light a fire under our fellow Mountain Divas. The American Fitness Index (AFI) has come out with its ratings of the most fit cities in the US and number one is nowhere near the thin air of our high mountain hamlets. Congratulations to Minneapolis, Minnesota on being named the fittest city in America! Washington D.C. and Portland, Ore. came in second and third, respectively. To be fair, the AFI must limit the study to major metropolitan areas, which bumps Durango and Jackson out of the running. Denver placed a respectable fifth. For full listings, click over to www.americanfitnessindex.org.

Drift (full disclosure: a Verde client) has been named the “official action camera partner” of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge in Colorado. We cannot wait to see the HD Ghost footage from the event motorcycles, fans and the riders themselves.

The (previously known as the Teva Mountain Games) kick off today in Vail, Colo. The Games grew very quickly to become one the premier events in outdoor sport – with mountain biking, road biking, kayaking, rafting, SUP, fishing (yes… fishing), climbing, slacklining, trail running, and an entire block of canine events. GoPro doesn”t approach anything without a certain amount of flair, so this should be fun to watch the event unfold. If you”re around Vail, check it out. Or better yet, sign up to compete.

REI isn”t going to take it anymore! After decades of a “return anytime for any reason” type of return policy, the mega outdoor store is putting in some guardrails to curb some of its less ingenuous customers. The new policy is still more than generous – allowing for a 100% guaranteed return for up to one year after purchase date (30 days if the purchase is from REI-Outlet). Guarantees and customer service are important, but so is integrity. We say good job.

Attention all boaters: let your voice be heard. Voting opened yesterday for the Canoe & Kayak Awards 2013. According to the , “… paddlers vote for the athletes, expeditions, film achievements and causes that most inspire them to seek out their own adventures.” Vote early and vote often.