True Confessions of a Brand Communications Agency Owner


My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I’ve just joined SnapChat – as in today!

Yes, the person who founded and serves as CEO of one of the leading brand communications agencies in the outdoors markets, has not joined SnapChat yet. There. It’s out there.

It feels good to confess that to you. For a long time, I felt that I didn’t need to go there. I’ve watched my 13-year-old son drive his SnapChat world masterfully for a couple of years now. “It must be just for teen-agers,” is what my first big excuse was.

As I saw the app be picked up by larger brands and applied to consumer engagement and storytelling, I knew it was becoming “a thing” I needed to drop in on.

Just like you, I was also feeling that nagging “how the he** am I supposed to fit in managing yet ANOTHER social platform?”

Isn’t it enough that I do a good job with Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook? Oh, and Strava too – I love Strava!

I couldn’t ignore my gut feeling anymore when I started to research the stats:

  • SnapChat has 100 million active daily users.
  • 86% of SnapChat’s users fall into the 13 – 37 age range.
  • 5+ billion videos are viewed on SnapChat each day.

NOTE: These stats are from, and that link has a primer on how to set up a SnapChat account, and a lot of other useful information.

I found a podcast that further convinced me (Entrepreneur On Fire: Why Joel Comm and I are SnapChatting our Faces off, and why You Should Too.)

In my opinion. … This podcast carried on for FAR too long, and didn’t really contain a lot regarding how to use SnapChat for business, but it did explain very well why it’s important to be on SnapChat and how to start and learn the “language” of SnapChatting. That’s my disclaimer.

I’m at k-co888 on SnapChat and if you go there now, there’s nothing up yet. I will be working on adding Snaps over the weekend. I’ll report back in on how it’s going here and there.

My point of sharing this? We need to stay on top of how our consumers are engaging with our brands, and that’s why I’ve committed to kicking the tires on this wildly popular app. I’m happy to test it out and share what I learn, with the continual goal of always supporting you as you grow your reach and build your business!

Intrepid News:

1 – Today’s the day! I’ll be broadcasting live at 3 pm MST for February’s Master Class, titled: Using Visual Assets and Video in your Content Marketing. And yes, SnapChat will be a part of this live webinar. Please join me by clicking here to register: In this webinar, I’m going to provide you with a lay of the land and fabulous efficiencies to create awesome visual assets and video for your brand. You’ll learn a bunch of DIY solutions that so don’t look DIY. I’m really excited about today’s webinar, and I’ll be doing a lot more video going forward now that I’m aware of just how quickly visuals and videos enable your customers to build trust you as a go-to solution and resource. Again, here’s the link to register:

2 – The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast interview with Hap Klopp was a great success and I’m so not surprised! Hap is one of the founders of the outdoor industry and served as the CEO of The North Face for 25 years. He now teaches at MBA programs across the country, is a devoted supporter and investor in start ups focused on disruptive innovation and is a two-time author. His most recent book, titled Almost, is about life inside of a Silicon Valley start up, and offers some incredibly valuable takeaways on why it’s important to fail as an entrepreneur.

3 –This week’s podcast is with a SUPERSTAR! Laura Roeder is my guest this week on The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast. Her show airs Friday morning, per our usual. Laura’s the co-founder of Edgar, a fantastic social media solution that saves me a LOAD of time by recycling my very best social updates automatically. Here’s the link to Laura has also been a very successful entrepreneur and she shares her story through her first company and what it was like to go from social media consultant to Software As a Service (SAS) pioneer with Meet Edgar. Laura’s accomplished amazing things in her career, and she’s in her young 30’s! Don’t miss this week’s show, it’s a great interview!

Until next time – GO BIG!