VW SYNCRO – The Ultimate Diva Ride!

By November 28, 2010Gear, Mountain Life, Outdoor

Our 1990 SYNCRO is a literal and figurative vehicle for our Mountain Living. We have some great friends who also have these rigs. Mark and AB Shenk of Silverton, Ed and Mel Mooney of Durango/Silverton, Chas Fisher of Seattle, Wash., and the legendary Steve Casimiro. Steve lives in So Cal but his heart lives in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Gareth and Marilyn Martins of Dolores also have an awesome Westy (the Ogden’s first Westy).
Here are some images of our 4th kid, the SYNCRO.
Jared, The Husband, has put a TON of sweat equity into our SYNCRO. He dropped in a new motor last winter, has added Old Man Emu shocks, insulated it, and has put in all kinds of aftermarket love. Too bad our kids’ college education fund is being spent on this landshark!