Customers are one of the most important assets any company can have. We’re all so grateful for the people who fall in love with our brands and love our products!  

I’m talking about our lifers – our loyal, long term customers. These are the people that repeatedly come back to our brand for new products and experiences. They’re also some of your most effective, and least expensive, marketing strategists. Nothing speaks as loud as a real, happy customer telling their story to others.  

Loyal customers have a lot of grassroots marketing power that your business can’t generate independently, although it can harness and amplify this power by giving these people a platform.  

The most important thing your customers can do to grow your business is to share their experience. Only customers can say what it is actually like working with your company, attending your event, or owning your product. These are stories that prospective clients are looking for—the experience of being involved, and not just the facts of what your company does.  People might read all about you, but until they hear a story and put a human connection on the event, it might never connect with them.  

You can’t write these stories, but it’s up to you to collect them and get them into places where your potential customers will see them.

Consider asking a few loyal customers to write a blog post on their experiences, or perhaps feature their stories in your newsletter or email blasts. Let them share in their own voice, and then help to spread the message. What would people want to know most about what it is to attend your event?

Another great way to get clients to share their experience is through photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to social media. Maybe you can do a special call for photos from attendees of your event or of clients using your products, to post during a specific social media campaign. Better yet, create a hashtag and get customers to post their own photos and stories.

Instagram takeovers are particularly effective right now (this could change depending on what happens with the Instagram algorithm). Having a loyal customer post from Instagram for an afternoon or a few hours can be great proof of concept for new fans and followers because you’re tapping into their loyal audience.

I also believe in setting up loyalty clubs or VIP groups among your most rabidly loyal fans, customers and followers.

Using tactics like “VIP” emails and membership sites that offer premium content or special access to your audience is super effective (you have to be consistent). The goal is always the same: Make sure that your loyal customers know you appreciate their business and engagement with your brand.

Loyal, long-term customers are one of the most important assets any company can have. For us passion driven entrepreneurs, having those clients that love our brand experience is amazing on so many levels. We want these clients to know how much we appreciate them, and we want to show their enthusiasm to others who might share it. So make sure you know who these people are, find a way to get their stories out there!