Twitter Joining the Ranks with Social Commerce Move

By September 12, 2014Branding

Soon, it seems, that Tweetin’ could turn into customer conversion. Monday of this week, The Wall Street Journal posted an article about Twitter’s news that it’s ‘testing mobile commerce with a “Buy” button.’

Twitter is not alone among social platforms incorporating functionality to enable followers to buy directly from their feeds. Facebook, Inc., reported in July mobile commerce developments were in the works as well, specifically in the company’s ad platform.

How Twitter plans to roll this out is also interesting. It appears they’ll be using a focus-group-esque approach. “A small percentage of U.S. users will see a “Buy” button on tweets from Twitter’s test partners, which will allow consumers to buy a product directly from the tweet. The number of test users will grow over time,” noted the article.

It will be super interesting to watch this all unfold. The draw to social media from day 1 has been about peer-to-peer conversation and engagement – an experience free of the hard sell. I have to wonder how adding in sales could change the experience — for better or worse. Could you imaging reading Tiger Wood’s Twitter feed and right in the middle of his Tweet, see a link to buy a product from Nike, or another one of his sponsors? That would change the experience from being an insider following Tiger, to a potential affiliate sale for Tiger.

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I could also see this move making the model of ambassadorship for brands change. Imagine how easy it would be to figure out how valuable an athlete or ambassador was for your brand if you could see how many sales they were generating from their fans and followers? That model is on the way for both Facebook and Twitter, and also, Pinterest with its paid pins.

What’s your opinion about Twitter¬†adding in commerce to the Twitter platform?

Here’s the full Wall Street Journal article: