Yes, I admit it. My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I have a girl crush!

And… It’s on Rebecca Rusch. She’s a well-known adventure racer and mountain biker, firefighter and overall amazing person who spends her spare time teaching mountain biking skills to teenage girls in her beloved home town of Ketchum, Idaho. What? Yes. She’s rad!

She’s won the Leadville 100 mountain bike race four times, and that was all achieved in her late 30s and early 40s. Rebecca just puts her mind to something and just goes for it! She’s now doing that in her business as well, and just launched her first book: Rusch to Glory.

This is why I interviewed her for my podcast, The Intrepid Entrepreneur.

Rebecca’s never done anything small and everything she’s taken on has a common thread: determination. Rebecca almost seems to have made pioneering new climbing routes and outdoor sports part of her repertoire and she literally pays no attention to obstacles. In this podcast, she shares her approach to overcoming fear, using her mindset to create successes in her life and also, what it’s like to become a pro mountain biker at age 38. She’s balanced all of this by giving back to her community in Ketchum, Idaho and to the outdoor active lifestyle markets, through inspirational events (see website links in show notes page for details). Recently, Rebecca launched one of her biggest accomplishments: becoming an author. If you haven’t picked up Rusch to Glory, you should. Better yet, enter to win one of 10 signed copies of Rebecca’s new book by heading over to

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