Tayo Rockson

We’re living in a time of unprecedented ability to connect with anyone, from any culture and anywhere in the world, at a moment’s notice.

Yes, the world has been continuously shrinking for hundreds of years as physical transportation has improved, but the last few years have really lifted barriers that stood in the way of communication and connection with people around the world. Smart phones/devices and social media are making it possible (and incredibly easy) to connect with anyone, anywhere, instantly.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs on the global level? And how can Millennials model for the rest of us, the power of multi-cultural, global connection in business?

My guest today on The Intrepid Entrepreneur is Tayo Rockson, a self-described Third Culture Kid. The moniker translates to how Tayo’s parents raised him –  in a culture outside their own. Tayo has lived on four different continents and growing up in that manner gave him a gift – to create opportunities and reasons for people from different cultures to connect. That, he believes, is when true progress happens both in life and in business.

Tayo is an entrepreneur, and a very enthusiastic and energentic one at that. His tagline is “Use your difference to make a difference,” and he’s living that statement to its fullest. Tayo brings a multi-cultural perspective to the entrepreneurial world, and is knocking down barriers and creating opportunities for connection that infuse the entrepreneurial culture with a needed kick of diversity.

But as Tayo says, diversity is more than skin color or ethnicity. It’s a mindset that’s open to new ideas, different opinions, and points of view that don’t align with your own. To promote this mindset, and connect with important people regularly as well, Tayo recommends a daily practice of meeting 5 – 10 new people, every day, on social media. Think about that! What if, every single day, you were not only adding 5 – 10 new people to your network, but you were experience the diversifying effect of connecting with people around the world, who can bring new light, and shed new insight into your life and business.

This is the power of what Tayo is all about. Not only is it better for the world to be more connected in this way, it’s far, far better for you and your business! Businesses in every industry need to hear this, and do a better job of constantly reaching outside of their comfort zone every day. So get ready to be inspired to meet new people daily, be diverse, and experience the fulfillment of living in an age where it’s possible to continually meet people with such varied experiences, life stories, and viewpoints. The introduction to this is waiting for you to discover on this episode of the Intrepid Entrepreneur!


Bravery in Business Quote

“In order to build the next set of global leaders, you truly have to know how to effectively communicate across cultures.” – Tayo Rockson

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The Cliff Notes

  • Connectors will make a huge difference in you in your life. Put time and effort into seeking them out, and creating relationships with them
  • Take advantage of the global mosaic available, through the information age, to understand other cultures and mindsets, and know how to effectively communicate with them
  • Be careful to avoid the trap of defining your success by other people’s standards
  • Take every opportunity, even small things like a birthday notification on LinkedIn or FaceBook, to connect with people
  • If you practice reaching out to different people daily, you will almost accidently fall into a diverse mindset
  • Diversity applies to more than skin color, it’s your mindset, history, and a lot of other things
  • When you’re connecting with people, look for similar interest. Any point of shared experience that you can connect on will bring you into deeper repoirte
  • Make reaching out to new contacts, or old contacts who have gone cold, a daily practice
  • Try to meet 5 – 10 new people every day on social media


Habit for Success

“A lot of people are trying desperately hard to be like other people. But not only is that much more difficult than being yourself, it won’t get your the results you want either.” – Tayo Rockson

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How My Near Death Experience Inspired Me To Reach Out To The World – LinkedIn article by Tayo

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