Five Surprisingly Awesome Last Minute Gifts for the Mountain Diva in Your Life

This should not even remotely be considered an option. Photo courtesy: Flickr user, Mai Le 

If you celebrate Christmas and you’re out shopping today, welcome to the club. Despite the best intentions, the last days before Christmas always have at least a few steps of the last minute hustle. If you’re still shopping for the Mountain Diva in your life, here are a few one-stop shop ideas that will surely bring a smile for this week and beyond.

Full disclosure: Ibex, Mio, Julbo are Verde clients. But honest engine, we’re simply sharing gift ideas that we’re coveting and we think our Diva sisters would love. 

A sweet, non-technical jacket: think urban inspired, mountain effective. We love ourselves some cute fashion. But city coats don’t always “fit” our mountain lifestyle and our technical gear doesn’t always flatter our sartorial explorations. Bonus: a pair of tall boots with a swanky coat can hide the fact that we have no intention of getting out of our yoga pants, despite the fact we still need to run errands, shake on a business deal and cheer on the kids at their Nordic race. We’re coveting: Ibex Lexie Coat.

Tools to help us maximize our fitness or our sports performance. You know your Diva’s outdoor addiction. Will she want a power meter, an altimeter, a case of Gu or… ? In the pre-Strava years, my guy indulged me with a GPS watch so I could record mileage on my runs. It’s the size of small cat or perhaps one of those original shoe-sized cellular phones. Though it’s time for an upgrade, it remains one of the more cherished gifts. 2013 hot ticket item: Mio Alpha wristwatch heart rate monitor.

Accessories to our favorite sports. Here’s the trick to buying just the right accessory: go cutting edge for hard gear and trendy for soft goods. Soft goods can be risky, which is why choosing the current trend can be a fun option. Just don’t go for a major investment piece. As for hard goods,ask your local specialty shop for the latest in innovation. I have goggles for flat light and goggles for bluebird days, so one do-it-all photochromic pair would equal pure joy in my stocking. Honey, in case you’re reading: Julbo Elles Angels.

Time. If you can figure this out, let’s bottle it and give it to everyone we know! What we mean is that we would love nothing more than to share time with you. Really. In terms of framing this as a thoughtful gift, it’s a fine line between warm fuzzy and “didn’t-bother-to-shop”? That line hovers around planning and presentation. Don’t scrawl, “This is good for a dinner out,” in a card from 7-11. Buy a small token to foreshadow the experience we’re going to share: a bottle of wine, kick wax for our Nordic skis or sunscreen for our surf trip to Nicaragua. Most importantly, make sure to follow through, setting up the babysitter and all.

Gift card. Yes, Virginia, it is okay to buy your Mountain Diva a gift card to her favorite outdoor shop. However… Do. Not. Mess. This. Up. A gift card too easily reeks of, “I put zero thought into this and I was shopping four minutes prior to the store closing.” To push the piece of plastic into thoughtful territory, include research with the card. With the store’s permission, take photos of the AT boots you think your Diva will like. Accompany the bike shop gift card with the “Best of” issue of her favorite cycling magazine. Ask her friends what she’s been coveting and make flash cards with each suggestion, which will show not only that you care, but that you genuinely want her to buy something that will complete her kit in the best way possible.

More than anything, we hope that the love, generosity and spirit of the holidays is sustained all yearlong for all Mountain Divas and their dudes, friends and loved ones.

Happy holidays!