Bridging the Mountain Life to Business and Branding

A serial entrepreneur in the outdoor industry, Steve Sullivan (Sulli) is Kristin’s guest this week on The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast. Sulli was the co-founder of Cloudveil, and five years ago, he launched, a mountain-lifestyle brand and retail experience founded in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Stio launched with a website, catalog and storefront on Jackson’s Town Square. Sulli and his team persevered despite the fact that many of his peers in the outdoor industry questioned his vision. To him, that was a sign he was going in the right direction and his vision has been paying off. Stio just opened its first flagship store outside of Jackson in Chicago. Follow Intrepid Entrepreneur to get more updates by joining our community on Twitter (@GoLivingUber). Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe if these podcasts are becoming your latest obsession!

Steve Sullivan (Sulli) has been in the outdoor industry for most of his life, starting in retail back when he was in high school. After college, he moved to Jackson, Wyoming, with the intention of being a resident skier and climber, but soon he discovered that he had a strong entrepreneurial inclination. Dropping in big, in typical Sulli style, he co-founding Cloudveil in 1995. More recently (five-years ago), Sulli launched, a mountain lifestyle brand and retailer that sells men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel along with a curated collection of necessities (read gear, books, accessories) for those who strongly gravitate toward a life spent at elevation. Both of his businesses prove that he’s an expert at grafting his passion for the mountain life into his brands and product assortments. Perhaps the best part? Everyone’s welcome to the table at Stio – core mountain-town residents and ‘aficionados’ alike (those who might live in cities but pine for the mountains). The Stio business model is ‘bricks and clicks,’ meaning, there’s a catalog, two storefronts (on Town Square in Jackson and now Chicago) and an online store, which together build a strong underpinning for a direct-to-consumer business model that’s growing in success every year. Regarding Chicago? Stio just opened this storefront to kick off Summer, 2015, its first flagship store located outside of Jackson. One of the best facets of this week’s podcast is listening to Sulli talk about his approach to risk management and always staying true to the broader vision of his company (hint, the two are connected). This guy goes big – in everything he does. Listen in and get inspired by Steve Sullivan, founder of Jackson Hole’s

Bravery in Business Quote:

“Do what you know – what you’re passionate about.”

Pivot Moment? has allowed Sulli to control the brand experience because he’s curating a retail experience online, in his catalog and in his two storefronts.


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