Steve Casimiro

Why would you choose to do away with the practicality of modern technology and go backwards in time? Who would purposefully take something dynamic and current like, and seemingly turn the clock back to launch a quarterly print magazine? And who would be gutsy enough to suggest such an idea?

Steve Casimiro would, and it’s because he understands his customer on a deeper level than most. He has spent the last seven years creating a dialogue with his customers, listening to all they’ve got to say, and digesting it. What did he come back with? Kind of what you’d expect. … The reader of wants an experience.

But the Deeper You Go, the Deeper You Go. That’s actually AJ’s tagline.

So, Steve went for it, despite the fact that the move seems so opposite of current trends in publishing. For anyone who knows Steve, that’s exactly why it was the right move. In a lot of ways, this kind of a big move is his unique selling proposition: He leads with his heart, and this is an incredibly unique, rare, and valuable attribute.

But it’s SO not the easy road. The AJ print quarterly debuts in April 2016, at which time we’ll all see if the experiment works. Steve’s well aware of the risk, and he shares a lot of insights about managing it and going for it despite the fact that it’s, well, just a little scary!

Steve’s goal with the quarterly print magazine isn’t about click-bait titles that rack up website visitor numbers. Rather, AJ’s print quarterly will be about telling a heartfelt and true story about what it means to be an adventurous human being.

Seeing this as the end goal, Steve was able to analyze the mediums available, and going the print route shows his deep insight into how the medium affects the way it is consumed. Old-fashioned print aligns perfectly with Steve’s goal to give consumers aquieter, deeper, and more thoughtful experience through the stories he tells.

Hear Steve’s insightful story about how he came to the decision to launch a print publication — a dream of his. You’ll hear him talk about facing risk, battling demons and a host of other challenges we as outdoor founders encounter on a regular basis. This is an important episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur, one you won’t want to miss!

Bravery in Business Quote

“We don’t want to be everything to everybody. We want to create an experience for a specific person.” -Steve Casimiro

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The Cliff Notes

  • The information age has allowed a constructive dialogue to happen between content creators and consumers. Listening and reacting to this dialogue will help creators connect with their audience in a deep way
  • Small players can have a significant advantage to larger companies. When less enormous results are required immediately, choices can be made with the longer view in mind
  • Nobody can be everything to everyone. You have to understand your people, and focus your work toward their wants and needs
  • Content that is evergreen (will not go out-of-date) will be more valuable in the long-run
  • When creating content, the balance between quality and quantity is important. Content creators can separate themselves by only allowing the very best content to make the cut
  • Create an experience for your customer that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • When you really know your customer, and what they want, you can be courageous about decisions you have to make. Steve can make a decision like this because he’s spent the past seven years getting to know his customer very well

“Give people an opportunity to dive deep into the issues of what it means to live an adventurous life, without knowing where it will take them.” – Steve Casimiro

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Habit for Success

Put tremendous time and effort into deeply understanding your customer. This understanding is what will allow you to courageously make difficult decisions regarding the experience you are creating for them.


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