Stephen Regenold

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have endless energy to hustle? We all hear about and understand the amount of work that is required of the entrepreneur, but some people seem to have the ability to never run out of energy. They’re constantly ready to do the next thing, to keep up with insane schedules, and to maintaining incredible sanity through it all.

Stephen Regenold is one of those people. He started a magazine called Vertical Jones while he was still in college. He then built from there and became a nationally-syndicated outdoor gear journalist by the age of 25, with his column “Gear Junkie,” which ran in 14 different newspapers.


When the world of newspapers began to crumble, Stephen pivoted and turned his newspaper column into the foundation of a brand-new digital magazine with the same name. Now is a top online publication for product reviews and news on the outdoor world, with thousands of pages of content and an ardent following.


Stephen is my guest today on The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast. Listen in as he shares his path to his continued success, which revolves around his passion for being outdoors and staying authentic (this guy does just about every outdoor sport conceivable and tests gear in the process).


Bravery in Business Quote

“The ability to hustle comes from passion for what you’re producing.” – Stephen Regenold

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The Cliff Notes

  • Changing technologies can force you to stay involved in multiple mediums at once. As a new one emerges, you don’t want the risk of going all in, but you have to establish a foothold as it starts to take off
  • Hustle comes from passion. You have to have the passion for what you are hustling to produce
  • A little ‘room to breathe’ in the bank account is important. You need a little space, even just to keep money from being top of mind all the time, so that you can focus on whatever you want to create
  • When you’re living and working in the space that you’re passionate about, the quality of your work will be far better than if you’re just doing it for the money
  • Your own ethics are tied up in the content that you put out to your audience. Understanding this, try to hold your quality to an ever higher standard
  • The adventurous, outdoor life can teach you a lot about business, from teamwork, developing an iron will, have your eyes set on the goal, and just getting stuff done
  • Finding the right team members is one of the most important things you can do. The right people are indispensable to anything you are trying to accomplish
  • As a founder, you have to find your own strengths, and train yourself to delegate anything that is not a strength or something that you have to do


“Have fun, be passionate, and keep your eyes on the goal.” – Stephen Regenold

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Habit for Success

Understand what you are uniquely skilled at, and then delegate everything else that you can. Build a dream team if you want to accomplish great things.



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