LU 2.4.15

We all know that working in the outdoor industry means that career coincides with open-air escapades. We live for the next trip we can combine our work with a new place to explore. Often this means that we make the most out of our business trip and come back refreshed with a new attitude and bursting with ideas.

I recently ran across this article from Outside by Tim Neville and Stephanie Pearson titled, “50 Standout Trips for 2015”. Click on this link for Outside’s 2014 Travel Award locations to plan your next business trip.

There are SO many great locations here and what I love is that they are categorized so well.  This article helps not only with locations, but it has great general travel advice. So where was the last business trip you took and did you make the most of it? Take a look at the spots listed and try to plan accordingly! Here are a couple of the locations for reference-

– Best Polar Trip – Winner: South Georgia Island and the Shackleton Crossing, Polar Explorers
– Best Desert Trip – Winner: Namibia
– Best Beach- Winner: South Water Caye, Belize
– Best Mountain Trip – Winner: Shivling, India
– Best Lake – Winner: Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada

Have you taken business trips to these places? Where is your next stop?

Image courtesy of: Tony Rath