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To up-level your business you have to be very clear on what success looks like in both your business and your life. That’s a tough line of sight to have when you’re working too much, and working in your business instead of on your business. You also have to be mentally prepared and highly motivated to be perpetually out of your comfort zone.

Investing in one-on-one mentorship and coaching with a highly experienced, market fluent, entrepreneurial strategist will catalyze your launch or your vision to up-level your existing business. Kristin is making just such an opportunity available for select clients.

LivingUber entrepreneurs stand for the AND. Build an amazing business and freedom in life. Be an incredible leader, make the money you deserve and enjoy the freedom that being your own boss affords.

This one-on-one in this exclusive Mentorship and Coaching offering is unmatched in creative strategy implementation for growth and continued differentiation. This is a high-commitment coaching experience. This mentorship and coaching experience is for you if:

  • 100% committed and motivated to drop the clutch on your business and drive it to a brand-new level
  • At a cross roads with your company and want to move forward in the right direction with total confidence
  • Struggling with your identity as a leader
  • In need of redefining your 80-20 and the role you should have within your company
  • Struggling to commit to a new direction or desiring to up-level but you’re unsure how to
  • In need of building a team of A+ players to create a sustainable foundation for growth, delivery and differentiation
  • Struggling to know exactly how your new, larger business is positioned
  • In need of help identifying the competitive landscape and how to move ahead of your competition
  • You’re ready to learn how to set up your company to serve your life
  • You’re ready to make more money in your business and finally be compensated at the level you deserve
  • You’re ready to lead a team of A+ players with authenticity and confidence
  • You’re ready to learn advanced systems, structures and strategies to safeguard your freedom and free time, while up-leveling your business to serve your life

One-On-One Mentorship and Coaching with Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, founder of Living Uber.

  • Work directly with Kristin on either a 4- or 6-month strategic up-leveling of your business
  • Includes strategy, mentorship and support
  • Weekly, one-on-one coaching call
  • Guided Homework
  • Unlimited Email

LivingUber Entrepreneurs are 100% committed to obtaining the freedom, wealth and amazing lifestyle that comes with being an entrepreneur.

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