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And, I’ve been right there – many times in fact! I believe that these transformative opportunities in our lives are nothing short of awesome and I love to support motivated and talented people confidently step into and move through them in fine form.

This time in your life calls for dedicated support and I believe that pairing that with a destination coaching experience creates fast transformation – it’s that simple.

LivingUber intensives take place in one of my three hometowns: Durango or Boulder, Colo., or Jackson, Wyo. I’ve put together a supportive and catalyzing experience that will jump start your ability to translate your passion into just the right new venture, complete with a map on how to bring it all to reality.

Why a destination? I believe that if generating fast forward movement toward a big and highly awesome new place is your goal, three things will make that a reality:

  1. Uproot yourself from your normal, everyday surroundings – you need to change your habits to make progress happen and doing our work together in an inspiring destination WILL open you up to all that’s ahead.
  2. Invest in yourself by working with me. I am a highly experienced, effective and masterful strategist and coach. For two decades, I’ve consulted and coached nearly 200 brands and companies to visibility and launch success and powerful differentiation. In our intensive, you’ll have 100% of my time and focus to enable you to plug your passion (your new offer) into your platform (your messaging, branding and positioning).
  3. Take on an adventure (I highly advise we spend time outside doing something adventurous for part of our coaching sessions. Doing so, you’ll prove to yourself through first-hand experience that capable of A LOT more (far more than you believed) AND we’ll have fun! I also advise that you invest in a bit of self care (read: spa experience) while you’re in town too!

This combination is the closest thing to “sure fire” that I can offer you and I can tell you this: It works!

Invest in yourself with this total immersion and you’ll gain in-person, one-on-one support to get you from the concept of where you want to go, to actually the point of launching into it.

The Experience:

  • A two-hour SKYPE video kick off, during which time we’ll outline exactly where you are, why you are stuck and where you want to go.
  • From there, we’ll set a date to meet in one of my hometowns to get down to business of navigating your transformation.
  • We’ll have two days of coaching (two, four-hour blocks each day)
  • When we’re together in person, you and I will work through my proprietary Passion-Driven Branding exercise and my Connect Your Passion to Your Platform exercise to ensure your next-step offering is authentic and differentiated by your personal passion.
    • This works incredibly well if you know where you are headed and what you want to do OR if you are, well, stuck and need to land on that next best step for you
    • Either way, you’ll gain the clarity you need and the structure and support you’ll want to take that leap forward
  • During our in-person, immersion coaching, we’ll create a strongly-differentiated position for you as the leader of your new venture or your next best step extension of your current offer:
    • Goal setting and Business Direction Support
    • Wealth consciousness coaching
    • Clarity around your offer – Personal guidance through the Passion-Driven Branding exercise
    • Audience identification
    • Messaging
    • Identification of key audience points of entry
    • Strategy to build social platform
    • Competitive positioning
    • Strategy to launch
  • We’ll also begin to craft the map on how to continue to jump to the amazing new place you’ve had your focus on reaching for some time.
  • You’ll learn skills to ask for what you need from those in your life who will need to know about where you’re going in your life, and the up-leveling you’re about to kick off – it doesn’t take a “village” but it does take some expectation management and communication

After our work together is complete, you’ll receive a second one-hour SKYPE video intensive to ensure that you’ve navigated your re-entry with the tools needed to relentlessly pursue your new career and life vision. After we complete all facets of the Intensive work, you will of course have the opportunity to continue our work together, or head on down the path to expansion and success as a member of the LivingUber Community!

Your destination intensive includes:

  • Breakfast and lunch both days
  • An amazing space in which to do our work together at a luxury location
  • Coaching and support
  • Strategy and brand positioning
  • * Does not include flights, hotels, spa or outdoor experiences, dinners

Location: Durango or Boulder, CO + Jackson, WY + Sun Valley, ID
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