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Scott McGuire, President, The Mountain Lab


PrintScott McGuire is a 20-year veteran of the outdoor industry and in that time, he’s served numerous roles ranging from working in retail, to being a sales rep, to being an in-house product line manager at many, many leading companies, to being a ski patroller and a participant on international expeditions. The guide and patroller facet of Scott is so front and center in his work with The Mountain Lab. It makes sense as to why. …

“We work to help our clients reach their full potential. It’s not just what’s in front of them, as thought all they want are short-term answers, like ‘where are we camping tonight. Instead, it’s about enabling them to see and take steps toward the grandiose vision of the entire expedition.”

Scott was candid and forthcoming in his interview for The Intrepid Entrepreneur and we’d expect nothing less. The outdoor industry has a guide in Scott and The Mountain Lab; he’s held so many positions in this space and wants nothing but success for this market. Scott likens the health and sustainability of the outdoor market as on the same plane as working for growth in a hometown. “This is where I’m from, this is home. I want nothing more than for the outdoor market to be successful!”

In founding The Mountain Lab Scott was not only able to set up shop in his beloved mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., but he also was able to fulfill a dream of exercising his obvious knack for being an entrepreneur in these spaces. He’s providing clients with outside perspective to clarify vision, create direction and offer solutions to the sometimes slow-moving innovation “process” that companies within the outdoor active lifestyle markets experience. His expertise couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Scott’s role, in his own words, is as “a connector.” He has an incredible ability to plug in the right talent, vision and team to tackle just about any product- or brand-oriented issue that could crop up within a client (from corporations to small companies). He’s also a polarizing presence in the space – and instead of running screaming, the industry is drawn to the vision he’s presenting.

The Mountain Lab offers a line of sight, in depth solutions and support in the development process for new products, branding of said new product, brand and company positioning and navigation through change itself.

While you might find Scott on a soapbox here and there, keep in mind that he’s here to support the forward trajectory of his industry and yours – the outdoor market. Entrepreneurs founded the outdoor active lifestyle markets and Scott and his team are now working to support the evolution of the industry itself. It’s no small task and thankfully, Scott shows up stoked and ready to go, every day!

Bravery in Business Quote:

“Most organizations have more entrepreneurial spirit inside than they think they do, or that they give their team credit for. Look within your organization for direction, new ideas and for your own change agents.”

Book Recommendation:

“Where Good Ideas Come From,” Steven Johnson

Habit for Success?

Living and working in a small mountain town is part of Scott’s success equation. In his opinion, working from an environment not only keeps him living “in it” and more engaged in the activities that make this industry run, it also keeps him scrappy. “People who live in mountain towns,” he said, “are choosing to live their vision for an ideal life and it takes work to make that vision a reality.”

Pivot Moment?

Deciding to open The Mountain Lab in the hometown he loves. Scott opened The Mountain Lab in 2011.

Coolest Expansion Idea:

“I’ve been an effective and an ineffective manager during various phases in my career,” Scott said. “When I’ve been most effective is when I’ve worked to plan and build my own obsolescence. The outdoor industry needs to do the same thing. Forget “protecting who we are” and instead open up to the future and the next era of leadership. You can choose to include them in your own organization or you can stand by and watch as they build their own.”

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