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The Power of Story with Robin Enright

There is no better way to connect with someone than through story. Stories transmit emotion on a level that most communication fails to achieve, and this emotional connection is essential to any company’s ability to connect with its customers, and thereby really thrive in the marketplace. Both of Robin’s companies, Permission to Leap and Merchandising Matters help companies and individuals hone their story to better connect with their audience, whether that audience is a company’s customer, or an individual’s audience.

Many would contend that sales should be the number one priority, but a company sells itself short when it immediately jumps into selling, without taking a step back and reflectively attempting to discover who they are, what they are all about, and what is authentic to them. This is Robin’s expertise, and what she helps businesses and individuals uncover: What is really authentic to you?


This discovery then acts as a roadmap for how everything in business is approached, from the way that a physical or online store is laid out, to the people who are hired, and everything in between!


If you have ever wondered what your story was, how to uncover it, or what the vague buzzword “authentic” really means, this episode is going to uncover that and so much more! As someone who wants to connect with people, whether as a company or an individual, this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur will give you the tools to get started discovering what your story is, how to communicate it to people, and how to use it as a magnet to attract the right people, and a screen to keep the wrong people away.


Discover your passion, your ‘why,’ get around your people, become a beacon to those who speak the same language as you, and tell your story through your business. All that and more, on this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur.

Bravery in Business Quote

Being authentic means being so secure in your why that you’re ok with the fact that you’re going to piss some people off.” -Robin Enright

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The Cliff Notes


  • When you find your thing, it’s like crack to you. It’s so addictive and inspiring, you feel like you can’t live without it. You’re addicted. Everyone has to find they’re crack
  • Find your people. The people that you love to be around, and that energize and inspire you! When you are working with your people, it doesn’t even feel like work!
  • People make decisions based on influences of which they are not even aware. Companies that understand these influencing factors will see their revenues rise
  • The market doesn’t lie. You must listen to what the market says and adjust, regardless of what your initial plan and research looked like
  • As a brand, you have to create an emotional connection with the customer, and…
  • Telling a story is the best way to communicate an emotion to the customer
  • The more you can understand why you do things, the better you can understand what you want to do personally, as well as how to connect with your customer
  • Your own personal voice comes from why you are doing what you’re doing. Knowing your “why” is an essential ingredient in effectively connecting with your customer
  • When you are authentic to who you are, you are being a beacon for all those who speak the same language as you, and a screen for those who don’t
  • Being unique to who you are is being authentic. To try to be anyone else, no matter how much you admire them, is to be inauthentic
  • When you are authentic within a company, you are also allowing other people to be authentic to who they are, and bring that uniqueness to the table
  • When any brand starts with how they are going to sell, before telling their story and understanding who they are, they’re selling themselves short
  • When you’re able to pull people into the reality, even the imperfection, of your business, they will be able to connect with you on a much level


“If you don’t know why you’re doing something, it’s almost impossible to connect with people.” -Robin Enright

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Habit for Success

Put your story first. In your brand, personal or corporate, in your communications, and in the decisions that you make. This is the best way to forge real and strong connections with the people you interact with.




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