Rebecca Rusch on how mere mortals can develop goddess-like endurance

Mountain Diva Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch puts our own definition of “endurance” to shame.

Her race resume reads like a laundry list of events that are trying to outdo one another in the unmitigated amount of punishment they can deliver. By “race resume,” we mean events she has won. She is the reigning champion of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike race (four times over), a national single speed champion (2011), three time 24-hour Solo Mountain Bike World champion (2007-09), World Masters XC champion (2010) and the Idaho State cyclocross champion (2009). We could go on, but our web server may implode from sheer awesomeness.

In April of this year, she demolished the women’s record for riding the entire length of the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail. (See Red Bull Rusch Hour and do the math with 13 hours, 32 minutes.) As though that weren’t enough to solidify her Uber Diva status, she has also partnered with SRAM on the Gold Rusch Tour, a series of bike events aimed at encouraging women in cycling. Beyond Coastal suncare, a Verde client, is one of Rusch’s sponsors.

Mountain Diva recently had the honor of checking in with Rebecca and selfishly pimping her for details on how we can all develop super-human endurance. What we learned was that in addition to being our mountain bike idol, Rebecca Rusch is a one-woman inspirational quote machine.

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  • This interview is so wonderful! Thank you! I am getting ready for my first Pro/Open Enduro race this weekend and feel nervous, but totally excited!! My goal is to also get more women out there and race! Let’s ban together girls and keep the momentum going! Thanks again! Rebecca Rusch, you rock, and inspire me! 🙂