LU 1.14.15

As a woman, we hear all the time that it’s dangerous out there and we probably shouldn’t be doing anything alone. We are brought up to think that we need a partner (often a man) to do certain things like camp, climb or take an adventure. This stereotype needs rethinking.

I consider myself to be a strong woman all around. I like to take solo excursions to reboot my confidence in myself for life and career.  I ran across this great article from Outdoor Research titled, “Women: 7 Reasons You Should Go Solo”. Click on this link to gain the courage to fly solo. Following this advice translates into a new confidence to take the initiative in all areas of your life.

There are so many empowering tips here, I wanted to give you an outline of the topics that are discussed below:

– It builds our mental confidence
– It makes us better friends/ girlfriends/ wives/ mothers
– It shows us what were capable of, physically
– It pushes us to search our souls and refreshes our dreams
– It gives us a career edge and makes us better employees
– It attunes us to our instincts
– It opens us up to new experiences and friendships

So ladies, are you going to take a trip solo and where?

Image courtesy of: Outdoor Research