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Three Months to Reaching or Surpassing Your Year-End Goals – Your 4th Quarter Playbook

With Verde Brand Communications, we have had years where we’ve hit October and we’ve already met our goals. Yes, we’ve had years where we had to make up three quarters of the year in one quarter – the fourth quarter! What a mixed bag it is. Keep in mind, you have the choice of going big, achieving your goals and also? Avoiding overwhelm. You can just choose not to go there! This week’s podcast is intended to get your mindset in the right spot, focus you on your Dec. 31 goal in your company, commit to implementation and, yes, be creative and have fun in the process of getting from where you are to where you want to be in the next three months. If you approach the fourth quarter of the year with an open mind, you could be (and can be) pushed to a new level of production and success. Adopt a relentless mindset and just watch what you and your team can do. …

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