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Limiting Belief Beat Down Challenge

Challenge Your Limiting BeliefsThe top five people you surround yourself with are an indication of how successful you can be… In our community, you’re literally surrounded by far more than five highly motivated innovators who refuse to settle and who routinely push beyond their limits. Let’s join together in a super important reprogramming challenge, shall we?

So, since last weekend’s bike race (which I wrote about in my most recent newsletter), I’ve been obsessing about that defining moment. You know, that moment where I chose to stay comfortable instead of going for the win?

I know that moment intimately now and with that knowledge, I’ve been evaluating other instances in my life when I’ve chosen to stay back and be comfortable instead of going for it. It’s been a revealing process to say the least.

But thinking through things is not going to make progress happen; inspired action makes progress happen. Taking such action together? That turbo-charges progress!

FACT: We’re all motivated to be our absolute BEST and create amazing expansion with our lives (I know you are or you wouldn’t be here right now reading this).

FACT: We’re all poking and prodding around our limits, wondering what lies on the other side.

Because we all have these things in common, and because we can make more progress with the support of our community, I’ve decided to issue a new challenge to the LivingUber community!

Introducing the Limiting Belief Beat Down Challenge!

Limiting Belief Beat Down Challenge

What you’ll do in this challenge is capture a goal or a dream that you’ve had for some time but haven’t achieved. For me, it’s finishing my book (well, and also interviewing Sir Richard Branson for the Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast but that’s another story…).

Download the guide to participate in the challenge here.

1 – Capture your goal and write down three to five reasons why you have not achieved it yet. Be super honest here – take the time to dig deep. If you do, what you’ll be writing down are your limiting beliefs. My example: I have not completed my book because it’s literally a life-long goal and I have been terrified that I’ll write it and it will suck.

2 – Turn those three to five limiting beliefs around. Again, using my example: I have completed and published my book and it’s ah-ma-zing! People need and are being inspired by what I have to share in my book!

3 – Journal about your success. Allow yourself to visualize about actually achieving your goal. Then, capture the details (how long did it take to achieve, what month was your achievement accomplished?) The point is you want to build in markers to your visualization and frame it within your life reality.

4 – Journal about successfully achieving your goals. What does your life look like 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after achieving your goal? Include:
•    How your life has changed since you’ve accomplished this goal
•    How achieving this goal makes you feel inside
•    How accomplishing it has affected your confidence level
•    What the positive impact and expansion is that you’ve created by making this goal into a reality

Congratulations, you now have a blueprint. Complete this blueprint and commit and you’ll see amazing things happen!

Join the LivingUber Limiting Belief Beat Down Challenge!