A Peek Inside of my Secret Lab of Awesomeness for 2016!

Here's my Secret Laboratory! (1)

Forget the year of the Dragon, or the Year of the Sheep. … I’m declaring 2016 to be the year of YOU. …

That’s right, serving YOU happens to be my biggest focus this year. In fact, I’m hopelessly devoted to being your guide, your Sherpa, your domestique – whatever you choose to call it. I’m here to help you successfully navigate today’s continually changing playing field of business as an adventurous entrepreneur.

The coolest part? I know what you need. … Because you took the time to fill out my short survey in early December, telling me exactly what you wanted to see more of in my free content, trainings and podcasts, I’m set up to basically blow your mind with the value I plan to bring to you as a member of this community.

Because I know you’re a curious person, the top requests for free content and trainings that I received from you were:

  • Success mindset
  • Building a brand platform
  • Learning online marketing and branding best practices
  • Help with staying consistent with social media and marketing
  • Email marketing how to
  • Target audience and customer identification
  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Brand differentiation
  • Delegation

And because I know you love to get the inside line on things, here’s some of the cool stuff I’ve got planned for you in 2016. …


I’m going to be doing a free Masterclass every month for you this year. Here’s how it’s going to work: In the first newsletter of a new month, you’ll learn the training theme for the next four weeks. You’ll also get an invitation to a GoToMeeting webinar in that newsletter, so you can grab your seat.

For January, our Masterclass topic will be content creation and storytelling! And it will be 100-percent free – your favorite color! In next week’s newsletter, you’ll get your invite!


I’ll be re-launching my A-Game Mastermind, which is my online entrepreneurial training course that covers every single topic you requested above (in depth). I created this because I know how fast business is changing (it can feel a bit like a blur). I also know the opportunities you can realize when you’re nimble and able to transform your business from what used to work to what’s working today – that’s the New Playbook.

I had 25 amazing entreprenuers in the first A-Game Mastermind in Q4 2015. We just wrapped in mid-December, and the entire experience was awesome! I had new entreprenuers in the course who were just preparing to launch all the way to seasoned business owners. No matter where you are in the journey, you need to up your game to A-Game level to succeed in today’s era of online business and with today’s connected consumer. My online course gives you what you need to drop the clutch in your company.


As I mentioned last week, I’ve also created some new coaching programs for 2016, including Spot Coaching. Check out the “work with me” page for information on my coaching offerings and if you have any questions, just send them to me by replying to this newsletter. I love to hear from you, as you know. … J


I’ll also be continuing to bring you my Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast each and every week of 2016. You’ll continue to meet inspiring and visionary entrepreneurs that I interview, and I’ll also be adding in some livestream business training solo-casts too. Stay tuned for that!

I’ve had heaps of fun shining up my free content, trainings and coaching offerings for you and I can’t wait to drop the clutch on it all with you in 2016!

Happy New Year and let’s GO BIG in 2016 together!