Outdoor Retailer WM13 Diva Fashion Digest



Love it or hate it, Outdoor Retailer is the semi-annual pilgrimage for outdoor industry types. We happen to love it! Verde had loads of clients exhibiting at ORWM 13, and by all accounts, the show traffic and pulse was positive.

The weather always plays a role in the story of a trade show in the outdoors markets – people are usually pining for more snow in winter and more water in summer. This year’s ORWM weather story, however, was, um… different. Usually the word ‘Verglas’ (French for literally glass-ice) is saved for mountaineering and snowsports field usage. Well, in Salt Lake last week, the entire city was covered in it during an ice-rain storm.

We digress. … The real news was inside the Salt Palace. Several of Verde’s clients rolled out awesome new women’s-specific products for the coming Fall 2013 season. We thought we’d share a few of the best here:

Check it:

Ibex premiered the “Women’s Live Collection,” and nailed it for active, stylish Divas. The Pearl Dress (below) is everything in one: resort wear, dinner date, office-tested and morning bike commute-approved. The Merino wool is light enough to make it solidly a three and a half season dress.  Plus, the draping and body skim silhouette is flattering on every shape. Can you say “love?”


We’ve noticed a trend that we’re stoked to report. A few years back, bulky fleece gave way to stretchier, more weather-resistant and more wind-resistant new fabrics. Nice for layering, but far from the comfort level our beloved fleece wardrobes. Guess what? Fleece is back and it’s got a whole new bag. With technical and performance advancements in the much-adored fabric, fleece is back playing with the big boys of performance fabrics again.

Never one to miss an opportunity to help us care for all of our gear, Nikwax has remixed its long-standing Polar Proof formula to keep up with the new, hot, varied styles of fleece on the market today. As always from Nikwax, the new Polar Fleece formula supports environmentally sound values from ingredients to production to the very fact of keeping your gear around longer. Bonus: New Polar Proof prevents pilling (yeah…there was no escaping that alliteration…sorry!).


Metolius is Verde’s founding client. For the past 11 years, we’ve just loved working with this amazing company (and individuals) knows no bounds. Here’s a post from last year’s ORWM show that underscores just how much we heart Metolius.

We’re proud to report in on a new cord from Metolius, Monster 8.9mm Single Rope. Why are we proud? Because it’s one of the lightest single ropes in the world. Metolius upped the bar even higher by treating the Monster 8.9 with environmentally-friendly TEFLON® Eco. Result: a more complete abrasion and moisture resistance. We’re digging the orange and lime green colors, too.


For fall 2013, Outdoor Research busts out with a theme we can totally get behind: beauty in function.  Seriously, is that not a page directly out of any proper Diva’s playbook?  Check out the new Breva Parka – outward style and technical performance. At a mid-thigh length, the Breva is perfect to sport with a long sweater or when you need some extra warmth on any outing. PrimaLoft® ECO synthetic insulation, and seaming that both flatters and keeps the insulation in effective heating zones will make this a Mountain Diva go-to.


Mountain Mama gets us. This fall, they’re expanding their eco collection, so you can now be a Mom-to-be in action with a light conscience. The Anna Wide Leg Bamboo Pant provides for the unrestricted leg movement you’d expect from any yoga/functional pant. In the flattering and comfort department, the waistband sits lower across the belly and the lines hug in all the right places with a touch of spandex. Made of the anti-microbial (read: less stinky) bamboo spandex, the Anna Wide Leg Bamboo Pant is made in the USA, just like all of the Mountain Mama line.


We’re proud of the Verde clients for leading the way in women’s gear and gear that women will love because it works. Now, we just have to exercise patience before it becomes available this fall.


Thanks and happy adventuring!