Operation LaPierre, Part Deux: Photographic Evidence that France Rocks

By October 28, 2013Bike, Gear, Uncategorized
Mountain Diva goes to France with Lapierre Bicycles
Bikes soon to be ridden. Grapes soon to be wine. All I need is a cow for soon-to-be cheese and I will have reached heaven. Photo: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

Recently, Kristin broke the news of her top secret trip to France with the Accell North America team, leading U.S. dealers and Lapierre Bicycles. If you’ve ever been to France, let alone on a cycling-based trip, you know those images don’t leave your mind readily.

Today, la femme fatale des montagnes (Frenchy for Mountain Diva… too much??), we share Kristin’s personal photo album from her three perfect days abroad.

All photos copyright: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden.

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