OIWC Pitchfest: Four Weeks Until Show Time!

Jeez. ... No pressure!

Hello Fellow #Outdoor Founders!


As most of you know by now, I was chosen as a finalist in the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition Pitchfest, taking place at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2016.

When I was selected for this honor, I felt a distinct mix of terror, excitement, fear and yes, anxiety. Okay, I still do. But I’m surrounded by a handful of highly motivated female entrepreneurs who truly dig being on the sharp end and as a result, I’m clear out of my comfort zone. I can’t even remember what that zone was now, to be honest. …

I’m busy preparing my pitch deck for Intrepid, a first for me. I present in just four short weeks to a panel of all-star judges, including:

  • Sally McCoyOutdoor Industry Leader and Entrepreneur
    Jerry Stritzke, President and CEO of REI
    Dan Nordstrom, CEO of Outdoor Research, Inc.
    Jill Layfield, OIWC Board Member; Former CEO of Backcountry and Technology and Outdoor Industry Leader
    Susan Viscon, OIWC Board Member; Senior Vice President at REI
    Matt Compton,Technology Entrepreneur and Investor, COO of Simple Finance
  • Christy Saito, KEEN Footwear VP Global Product Merchandising:  Outdoor + Lifestyle (a Verde Brand Communications client)

It’s open to the public, so if you’re in town for Outdoor Retailer this summer, please stop in and say hello. No heckling please!

The OIWC team has been remarkable with the support and resources that we need to create a well-researched, spot on and engaging story and deck. I’ll let you know how I do on my first rehearsals next week with the world’s most awesome mentor, Mr. Ben Rifkin, president of Royal Street Investment and Innovation Center, in Park City, Utah.

Until next time, GO BIG! I’m planning to do just that!