LU 11.19.14

Facebook is now introducing another individual app just like messenger for Facebook Groups. Why is this so interesting? Well this app is specifically in place to make Facebook Groups more understandable, more user-friendly and best of all, a better way to keep in contact with current groups or find new ones.

Facebook Groups is not a prominent feature on their site, so this is a way to create more engagement among groups and discover new groups. The app will feature a specific tab to help you locate a new group or find suggestions.

What I found most interesting is that this app will dive into your interests or friends groups to help identify new recommendations for you. This is something company’s and marketing individuals can really use to their advantage.

According to Mashable and Shirley Sun, Facebook product manager, “the app was designed for those already actively engaged in multiple groups, a rapidly growing demographic for Facebook.” The app is meant to be simple and easy to use, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can be utilized.

To learn more about the Facebook Groups app from Mashable, click here.

Photo courtesy to Mashable.