How to Nail your Brand Storytelling

By March 11, 2016Entrepreneur

How can it be that two companies can make and sell the exact same product and one can be far more successful than the other? It’s not because one has a founder whose just luckier than the other one, and it’s not at all about timing or circumstances.

So, how does that happen?

It’s always come down to branding. And in today’s era of digital-direct marketing to today’s uber-connected consumer, effective branding is all about creating and positioning your brand’s storytelling to just the right target customer (avatar).

This is without a doubt one of the most important steps to building a remarkable and profitable business in today’s economy. And that’s exactly why I’m dedicating the entire month of March to making the members of my community all-star brand storytelling machines!

Here’s a quote that I believe sums it up, from author Tom Asacker (credit and link are at the close of this post).

“We hunger for direction and inspiration. We want what’s important to us to get better — our bodies, work, home, and relationships. We want to imagine ourselves transforming our lives, and the lives of others. We want to feel good about our evolving narratives. It’s why we read books, scan the Internet and flip through magazines. We’re looking for the before and after stories. We want to feel the pull of possibility; of moving beyond our existing reality.” **

Storytelling has always served us in this way, but it’s become a fiercely important strategy in the arsenal of marketers competing for attention online. This is no longer a secret, which is why everyone and their Aunt Marge is online jockeying for people’s time and attention. As a result, your target avatar is exposed to heaps of noise and pelted with seemingly endless content.

How can you rise above it? Is it even possible?

Well, that’s a solution that SO many of my entrepreneurs in the Intrepid community are hunting for. And that’s exactly why I’ve been training on this topic for the entire month of March in my weekly content. I’ve got a formula that I teach, and I’m offering a good chunk of it to my followers through this blog and my free Master Class trainings.

All of what I’ve taught (links to other posts are listed at the end of this post) to date is going to culminate in the Master Class on Nailing your Brand Storytelling.

You know, this is the third month I’ve been doing these free master classes and I think I’ve finally found my groove.

Researching and building these presentations out takes a bunch of time, but the inner geek in me loves to do it. I know that it helps my entrepreneurial community build their customer bases and retain their existing happy customers.

This month I’m especially stoked because I get to teach my revered community how to Nail their Brand Storytelling in this month’s training, which takes place March 23, Wed., at 11 am MST. It’s going to be live and awesome! Here’s the link to sign up if you haven’t saved a seat yet:

It’s weird to think that I’ve somehow worked with content for 20 years now. I spent the first ten crafting stories for publications and then switched gears to the public relations and brand communications side of the equation with my company Verde Brand Communications. influencers and for brands in the outdoor active lifestyle markets with today’s

Even after two decades, I love to work with brands to use storytelling as a way to build rabidly loyal fans and followers and ultimately, consumers.  Your success in digital direct marketing depends on how proficient you are with creating stories for your target avatar. You also have to be a jedi about where to place that content strategically on your platform (we’ll be diving into this in next month’s free master class training).

influencers and for brands in the outdoor active lifestyle markets with today’s digital-direct marketing trends to give you an arsenal of strategies to implement in your business. I’ll be sharing tips on how to make your ideal customer avatar the hero in your brand stories. You’ll also learn how to use brand stories to differentiate you from your competition, and so much more! This could be one of the most important trainings you take on the new world of customer acquisition and retention. Can’t wait to see you there live!

Additional Resources to Crush your Brand Storytelling:

** Tom Asacker, author of The Business of Belief: “How the World’s Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entreprenuers and Other Leaders Get us to Believe.”

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