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Isn’t it nice to know that you have the luxury of choosing your social networks? Sure there are some that are more recommended than others for certain target audience engagement …. LinkedIn is more on par with professional business networking; Pinterest is exceptional for visual engagement, easy shares and shopping conversion and in the States, appeals more to women…

The BufferApp blog posted more on this thread this week in an article titled “How to choose the best social app for your business.

The piece was authored by Kevan Lee and he took the time to put together a review of social platforms, citing features and reach of each to enable you to select the best platform for your brand to reach your ideal fans and followers. Lee writes:

“There are a big number of factors that could weigh a decision for you, and I’ve done my best to collect them here in this post. From demographics to research and a whole lot else in between, here is what I’ve found to help you choose your social networks.”

What a great service he’s providing to us! I love shortcuts and making decisions based on the most current research and trends. This list gives both toward a super important business decision – how to reach your audiences and customers.

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