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Sales Consultant Michele Flamer on the Retail Landscape

Michele Flamer is a sales and training development management professional with a decade of leadership under her belt, and is the podcaster behind The Retail Couch. Michele has worked in the gift, home, travel and outdoor active lifestyle markets and is impassioned about her industries, the retailer buyers and her peers in the sales representative world. Michele manages national networks of sales rep organizations, all of which are entrepreneurial. What you’re about to hear is a conversation between two sales professionals on the state of the retail markets in which they serve. There is a LOT of change within the industries Michele and Kristin serve in their respective roles. Listen in today to hear what these two seasoned and impassioned sales reps see on the horizon across the markets they serve. Follow Intrepid Entrepreneur to get more updates (especially about our upcoming weekly giveaways) by joining our community on Twitter (@GoLivingUber) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LivingUber).  Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe if these podcasts are becoming your latest obsession!

Website: The Retail Couch podcast.

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