Michele Flamer 2

Michele Flamer, Sales Consultant Extraordinaire

As of this podcast, I can now officially say that I’ve got a regular guest! Michele Flamer joins me again on today’s Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast. Michele is a well-known sales and training development management professional with a decade of leadership under her belt. She’s also the podcaster behind The Retail Couch. Today, Michele and I talk about implementation and creative ideas to drive a successful fourth quarter in your business. We also talk about the role of the sales reps in the changing retail landscape – a topic that Michele’s an expert with. Michele has worked in the gift, home, travel and outdoor active lifestyle markets and is impassioned about her industries, the retailer buyers and her peers in the sales representative world. We all need Michele’s insights as we continue to migrate through all of the changes in the consumer decision journey (meaning, how people research, buy and share products).

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NOTE: These resources should be used for this episode (38), as well as episode 37. Also, know that I am not being paid to promote these platforms.


  • Editorial Content Platform – I use Co-Schedule. This platform enables you to plan your content and delegate it. Co-Schedule supports efficiency because you can create content like a blog and also create and schedule social media updates concurrently. You can also just use it to plan your editorial calendar themes, but it has incredible functionality beyond that.
  • Mashable.com – This is a great community and website that offers leading edge insights on best practices around creating content as well as paying to play on Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Bufferapp.com – I recommend subscribing to the BufferApp blog. It offers incredible content on the topic of building an audience online and being remarkable in how you serve it. Buffer is also a platform that offers scheduling for social media.
  • Bulldog Reporter.com is the website that published the information on holiday 15 retail.

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