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After criss crossing the United States, attending a heap of trade shows in the past two months, our resident retail and sales guru Michele Flamer visits the Intrepid Entrepreneur for her third time in the chair!

Michele basically holds a Ph.D. in sales and training development, and this episode is an uncensored look at what it’s going to take for brands and retailers to break out and be a success story in 2016.

We’re in an economy in which the consumer is clearly in the driver’s seat. This consumer expects extremely targeted messaging and communication, and will respond to the brands and retailers adept at making it appear like they’re speaking directly to them. And this is very good news for the smaller retailers, Michele believes. … Why? Because large brands and retailers are usually just too big to accomplish this.

So what does this mean for you? Play to your strengths! As Michele and I talk about in this episode, focus on how you can take your interaction and communication to the next level – and it will pay off for you! Show your consumers the similar values you share – whether it be philanthropic, general interests, or passions – and connect on those issues.

There are plenty more insights in this episode of the Intrepid Entrepreneur. Thank you SO much for listening and please give this a thumbs up in iTunes of you enjoy the episode!


Bravery in Business Quote


“Live life big, dream larger, and take a risk!” – Michele Flamer

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The Cliff Notes

  • In 2016, brands can and should cross channels and genres in new and exciting ways
  • Millennials connect deeply with philanthropic brands
  • When your brand constantly bring value to consumers, they develop a level of trust with consumers that would otherwise be impossible
  • Giving back means so much to consumers right now – that it’s really just good business to give back! Plus, it’s the right thing to do…
  • Natural grocers and outdoor retailers share similar consumers – and should look for ways to creatively work together
  • When knowing and understanding the consumer is paramount, and big brands aren’t able to accomplish this on a local level, smaller ‘mom and pop’ stores can really gain ground
  • Retail business should look into reps for specific demographics and targets
  • Retailers need to take risks, to bring in unexpected things, just for fun! Customers will respond well


“2016 is all about creating freshness in business.” – Michele Flamer

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Habit for Success

Find ways that you, as a smaller-sized business, can interact and connect with your consumer on levels where big brands can’t compete.



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