An Interview with Verge’s founder, Matt Hunckler

NOTE: Today, The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast welcomes serial entrepreneur Matt Hunckler. Matt is not from the active outdoor lifestyle markets, per se, which is a GREAT thing. Do you know why? Because it’s always a great idea to learn from what people are doing outside of our markets. You’ll find that I will include people from outside of our direct “sphere” purposely in my podcasting. Let me know what you think (you can leave a question on Speakpipe below).


Very few entrepreneurs in the world can say that they started their first business when they were a wee young lad – for Matt Hunckler, founder of Verge, he started his first business in high school!

First, a bit about Verge. … It’s basically Silicon Valley’s neighbor to the East, er – Midwest. More specifically, Verge is the largest platform in the Midwest for software entrepreneurs, developers and business investors. It’s growing like wildfire! There are over 3,000 active members in many cities and Matt has his sites set on more than doubling the cities that are still “unlocked” in terms of having Verge presences.

Okay, back to Matt. So that high-school business? It gave Matt the Fever BIG TIME – the fever to be an entrepreneur that is. Not bad for a guy who started his post-college career selling vacuums door-to-door. Verge is actually Matt’s third start up, and he’s still quite young (you’d never guess he has three start ups under his belt, look at his picture!).

Matt implores people to “not be fooled by his boyish looks,” and trust me, you shouldn’t discount him because he’s young. He has guts and vision and both are only getting stronger with Verge. Listen in to this interview and learn how Matt learns from his tribe – he listens to them, engages with them, leads and encourages them. That’s how he and his team at Verge knew that his community needed a product – you’ll learn more about that launch in this interview too.

Matt’s list of entrepreneurial experiences has depth; from internet marketing, web design, advising and founder/CEO of several companies. This interview showcases the intersection of his experience and his forward vision with Verge – you will be inspired!

Plus, Matt’s passion is nothing short of infectious. Listen along today as we talk about why he is where he is and what keeps him going.


Bravery in Business Quote:

“Verge is for instigators who want to build something that matters!”

Habit for Success?

Keeping core values front and center: Community; Celebrating Learning, including failures, and nurturing and teaching.

Pivot Moment?

Realizing that I needed to found Verge because I felt like I was going crazy as a Silicon Valley outlier – I felt crazy and alone but once I connected people to Verge, I realized that there were a lot of people out there just like me. I’ve been listening to my community ever since – we are truly “feedback built.”

Coolest Expansion Idea:

Taking Verge to over 40 cities in 2015.


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