Question: Would you rather run naked through an airport… or work on marketing your business?

Entrepreneurs often seem to have some sort of allergic reaction to marketing. They love to build solutions to problems. This is what they live for. But when it comes to getting the word out about what they’ve created… they’d rather retreat to their basement and build some more.

If this feels like you at all, this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur is for you!

Maybe you feel that those who try to gain attention for the sake of monetary profit are selfish and greedy. Or you just don’t want to post updates of your nachos or your cat to your social feed (because you don’t love when other people do that). Either way, today’s episode will give you tips and tools to gain engaged fans and followers on your social channels

But where do you start? How do you attract attention in a way that’s genuine? How do you decide where to spend your valuable time? How do you make time in your busy schedule for marketing in the first place?

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a marketer, have a start on your company’s marketing plan, or are a seasoned professional, you’ll find advice for forming genuine connections through delivering value in your marketing strategy, as well as tips on working in a way that gives you the best results for the least amount of your valuable time and effort.

The Cliff Notes

  • Entrepreneurs often shy away from marketing. We love to build the product more than we love to convince people to invest in it
  • Remember: They buy the why of your product, not the what
  • You should put effort into developing and refining your company’s “why.” The “why” is your mission and purpose. It should be refined to a single (at most a couple) sentences in length
  • In all your marketing, your reader/consumer should be the hero. Remember, this is all about them: show them how your product, service or offer a solution to their problem
  • Email list building is one of the most effective uses of your marketing time and effort.
  • Email is powerful because it is effectively land you own – versus the land you rent from social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter
  • Periodically “cleanse” your email list by deleting people who haven’t opened your emails for a few months
  • Consistency is key with email. Your subscribers should be used to hearing from you, and your “from” address should be a familiar and positive sight in their inbox
  • Understand which social media platforms your target audience or “avatar” frequents. Setup your channels and build your presence there
  • Being purposeful about when you will be spending time to build your platforms. Consider using an editorial or marketing calendar to plan everything

Bravery in Business Quote

“Email is 68% more effective than most marketing channels” – Email Monks

Habit for Success

Commit to connecting with and delivering value to your customers consistently, through any platform or medium your customers regularly use. Over time, you will see your engagement and social media fan-base grow, creating buzz and excitement around your product, and loyalty to your company.




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