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Mark Anders – writer, photographer, all-around adventurer – talks with Kristin this week on the Intrepid Entrepreneur. They discuss his love of being on the water, writing and making it all work. If you’re a fan of the show, don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review – and join the LivingUber community of entrepreneurs!

Mark Anders breezes into the Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast this week – quite literally. He was 10 or so minutes late because he was paddleboarding, with his dog. It was funny. …. He said that he went “out” on his board, hauling a**, and then, he turned around to come back and – WA BAM! Headwind!

We’ve all been there…. Especially as entrepreneurs! Headwinds are just part of the deal, but in typical Mark Anders fashion, it was really not a big deal at all.

Anders prioritizes his time on the water (300 days surfing or paddling in one form or another), and that’s what makes him a kick-ass entrepreneur. He’s chosen a tough niche to be successful in. … First as a freelance writer, then a photographer, and now? Film, television – the list will go on, I think. And he keeps on growing his reach and creating and delivering (damn) entertaining content!

His laid-back, surfer-guy attitude is irresistibly humble – nothing you’d expect from someone with all he’s done in his career. Anders saw early on that he wanted to be THAT guy – the one who has the killer job…the one who made his living being on assignment for Outside, Men’s Journal, putting trips together for iconic publications and films. And, he set about doing just that and, well, he keeps doing it!

Perhaps the most telling aspect of Anders’ success is his approach and a way of doing business that has not only insulated him from the changes but has actually propelled him forward. He’s humble, a hard worker and easy to work with…. Gasp! Pretty simple.

I can’t wait to see Mark’s next project or trip – you can keep up on that by swinging by his site occasionally. There are links to his current projects, found on his website (listed below) as well as his photography and publications.

Bravery in Business Quote:

“Play to your strengths” and “There will always be a need for storytelling”

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