How to Create Positive Impact with Your Brand – An Interview with Linda Balfour, of KEEN Footwear’s Live Monumental!

KEEN launched its Live Monumental initiative in mid-July, 2015, and it is by far the brand’s biggest give-back campaign in its 13-year history. The movement is being led by the KEEN Effect team, a group of four dedicated KEEN employees responsible for delivering on the brand promise of KEEN, which is to build stronger communities and a healthier planet. Linda Balfour, a KEEN Effect team member, calls this brand goodness… What the team at KEEN has spearheaded in Live Monumental in the past couple of months (the launch window was tight, let’s just say) is nothing short of staggering, and the change the campaign can create is nothing short of inspiring! On today’s podcast, Linda Balfour shares the vision of the KEEN Live Monumental initiative, which embodies the entrepreneurial spirit found everywhere in the KEEN culture and Portland, Oregon headquarters. KEEN’s Live Monumental is all about building grassroots support for protecting America’s wild spaces – they are committed to driving 100,000 signatures to Washington D.C. (the end point of their road tour) on Sept. 23, to activate the Obama Administration to permanently protect three million acres of public lands. Oh, I forgot to mention… They’ll be driving into Washington D.C. in a bright yellow 1976 RV, which is on the road for two months of activism to preserve three million acres of public lands and celebrate the places we play. There are five proposed national monuments that are at the focal point of this important campaign.

I hope you’ll consider signing the petition and sharing it with anyone and everyone you know—there’s a link to it below. With Live Monumental, KEEN has created a turnkey way for you to make a large impact in the national voice of conservation and access with this effort! Join now and share with your family and friends!

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