Laura Roeder

What does your social media strategy look like? Do you find that you’re spending an inordinate amount of time crafting social media updates? Have you ever considered the fact that your current social media strategy probably includes crafting new updates, everyday, for the rest of your life? That quite a time commitment! There has to be a better way…

My guest today, Laura Roeder, is the founder of the social media management platform Edgar (check out the service at:

First of all, Laura is an entrepreneurial rock star, achieving $2.3 million in recurring yearly revenue 1.5 years after launch of She’s been named a top 100 entrepreneur under 35 in 2011, 2013 and 2014, featured everywhere including Fox News, Forbes, CNET, LA Times, Fast Company, Mashable, Yahoo Finance, and many more media outlets.

Today, Laura is here to give all of us (hard-working entrepreneurs) permission to do what we all want to do but aren’t sure we can do: Recycle social updates. Is it a bad practice? Turns out, it’s not! And that’s what Edgar is all about.

Edgar enables you to have a library full of social media updates, and then cycling through them over time.

When an update is sent out, especially on a platform like Twitter, a very small percentage of your following is actually going to see it. The reality is that for a larger percentage of your following to see your update and take advantage of your content, you must recycle content, and Edgar was built to be a solution for just that.

I’ve been using Edgar since November of 2015 and it’s made a strong difference in my shares, engagements and downloads of my shows.

Laura also shares the wild ride that her entrepreneurial career has brought to her life.

You’ll get to hear first-hand from Laura her view of social media best practices, how she’s learned to manage customer expectations and how to avoid over-delivering. Additionally, Laura shares her view of the importance of focusing on your own specific entrepreneurial strengths, to her surprising answer about how much business owners need to be on the cutting edge of marketing innovations and platforms. All that and so much more, on this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur!



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Bravery in Business Quote

“The whole point of running your business is that you can do it your way. So don’t do stuff you hate, find a different way!” – Laura Roeder

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The Cliff Notes

  • There’s rarely a clean, clear-cut path for the entrepreneur. You have to try tons of things, make lots of mistakes, and keep experimenting until you find something that works
  • Find ways to infuse your business and your brand with an aspect of fun, lightheartedness
  • In social media, repetition is important. Repurpose your content, because if you don’t, your audience will miss a lot of it
  • While reusing content may seem repetitious to you, that’s only because you’re seeing all of it. Most of your audience isn’t, and even if they’ve seen it before, it won’t bother them
  • You don’t have to be everywhere, on every social media platform. You have to be where your audience is
  • Being an entrepreneur requires having the ability to constantly learn and adapt


“You don’t want to be too cutting edge in marketing. Go where your customers already are.” – Laura Roeder

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Habit for Success

Carefully understand where your customers spend their time, and then focus all your efforts on that platform. Trying to be too cutting edge will lead you to actually move away from prospective customers.



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