I’m feeling verklempt, yes, just like Linda Richmond from Saturday Night Live’s Coffee Talk would say. …


Courtesy of SNL, www.shiresharing.org

I’ve had a dream to launch a Mastermind group for years for entrepreneurs in the outdoor, bike, snow, travel and endurance markets. And, last week, it happened: the A-Game Mastermind started!

The A-Game Mastermind is the first of its kind in our markets. It’s a three-month, online course designed for working entrepreneurs who want to learn what it takes to drop the clutch in today’s sharing economy and with today’s hyper-connected consumer.

I’ve got 20 amazing, motivated go-getters from all facets of the active outdoor lifestyle markets enrolled in the inaugural program!

We had our first live call this week and the group was already so engaged and supportive of each other. I’m getting verklempt again – talk amongst yourselves, I need a moment. …

Here’s the deal: We are literally living in the most opportune time to be entrepreneurs – ever! But what does that mean for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance and travel markets?

Our markets are certainly special and demand a passion-driven approach to navigation and growth for our businesses. What used to work to grow sales and profits – in person networking, relationships and reputation – are still important, but they’re not enough on their own anymore. To scale and see the profits you could be seeing in today’s era of opportunity, you have to take what you do well and combine it with proven, cutting-edge new strategies and approaches to forge a new A-Game.

That’s what we’re getting after in this Mastermind.

I just wanted to be sure you had one more shot to join our incredible group. Are you ready to step into a new A-Game? I only have a few spots left and enrollment closes tomorrow, Friday, September 25, at midnight.

Here’s the link to enroll: http://goo.gl/98KMyO

If you want to learn more about me, head to either verdepr.com or livinguber.com. If you have any questions about the A-Game, email me at questions@livinguber.com.