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Grit, Determination, and Long-Term Success with Olympian Cyclist Kristin Armstrong

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Everyone is on a journey, striving to better themselves, to accomplish more in their given field, and to attain the next level of success, whether in business, finances, sports, or personal life and relationships. But what is not always fully understood is the level of sacrifice that is required to achieve high levels of success in any pursuit.

Kristin Armstrong understands this better than most. She’s a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist (cycling time trial in 2006 and 2009, respectively), holds two World titles and a bronze and silver in Worlds, five National Championships and countless other victories. Kristin is also co-founder of a high-end cycling accessory business, K-EDGE, and she works at her local hospital doing community outreach. The biggest job of all? She’s the dedicated Mom to a young son and a wife (she’s married to Joe Savola, who runs K-EDGE with Eric Jensen).

What has allowed Kristin to continually accomplish so much, even while having so many things going on in her life? Where does she get her seemingly unending energy? Is she a super-human?

Kristin gives credit to discipline and dedication. She strips out everything from her life that does not in some way aid her in achieving her goals, whether those goals are about competing in the Olympics, contributing to product design, development and branding at K-EDGE Cycling Solutions, or being a Mom and having a family life. Without the willpower to cut out extraneous aspects from her schedule, achieving and maintaining this much would be impossible. She shares insights on this in this amazing interview.

If you have ever aspired to be truly great at something, to achieve Olympic-level success in your field, this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur will give you insight into what it takes to be a top level performer, and some of the steps required in anyone’s journey to the top. Plus, it’s just plain inspirational to talk with Kristin as she guns for another Gold in Rio, 2016!

Bravery in Business Quote

“Don’t forget about successes along the way. Goals are important, but the most important thing is to enjoy your journey.” – Kristin Armstrong

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The Cliff Notes

  • Give yourself some time off. Everyone, especially those involved in physically draining activities, needs to give their body time to recover
  • On the other hand, when you commit to more than you think you can handle, you just might find that you’re capable of more than you thought
  • When you imagine the outcome, and visualize it, you’ll find your motivation to attain success spurred on by the image you have created
  • A support team, especially during a big reach-goal, is an essential ingredient to success
  • Everyone has a better chance at success when they set goals
  • Train quality over quantity. Be smart and purposeful about how your training time is spent
  • You can only be happy and achieve success in life if you’re healthy. You must prioritize your health
  • You have to remove certain things from your life. You don’t have time to do everything, so take careful stock of what is in your life, and what you want and need in your life to get to where you want to go
  • It’s human nature to justify the situation you’re in. Instead of this, take careful stock of the difference between where you are, where you want to be, and the steps required, including habits implemented, to get there
  • When removing things from your life in order to prioritize, what people think of you should be one of the first to go
  • Don’t forget about your successes along the way. We can tend to focus entirely on the goal, when we need to take time to recognize where we’ve come from what we’ve accomplished, and allow that recognition to re-energize us for the path ahead
  • Enjoy your journey every day. That’s what will allow you to put all your eggs in one basket, jump in with both feet, and attack your goals with tenacity

Habit for Success

Don’t underestimate how valuable and essential your team is to your success. Pour your effort into assembling the right team, because in a lot of ways they will finally determine what you are able to achieve.




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