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Listening In on Greatness – An interview with Keir Dillon of Frends

Listen in to learn how ex-professional snowboarder and TV commentator Keir Dillon co-founded Frends Headphones – the world’s first electronics company focused on giving women what they want in terms of technology! No small feat, and this was not the direct path for Frends right out of the gate. … It’s a great interview full of moments of inspiration, doubt, triumph and heaps of vision. You’ll leave this one highly motivated! Don’t forget to like, rate, review and subscribe! Come join our community and sign up for our newsletter with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Keir Dillon is on the go, big time.He shares his inspiration and his belief that not giving up and keeping a strong creative vision (that includes fun with friends) will power success. Keir grew up in a small-town in Pennsylvania and had a penchant for following his own path and entrepreneurialism from the beginning. He discovered professional snowboarding at 16 and during his years competing for Burton, Jake Burton (founder) became a father-figure and mentor. From Jake, Keir learned key skills for building brands, products and patents. After his 18-year career as a Burton athlete and nearly making it to the Olympics – his competitive snowboarding slowly came to an end.

It was at a missed X-Games finals that he and Denny Davis (co-founder) came up with the idea of Frends. It started as more of a brand concept than a product but the evolution was born. From there, with vision and passion, it’s grown and evolved into a global innovator in headphones. Frends founded the women’s-specific headphones category and it’s just getting started!

Listen along as I delve deeper into the conception and implementation of Frends with Keir.


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