Justin Sisley

Early in the Path of Starting Up? Then Listen Up!

Are you new to the entrepreneurial world? Do you want to connect with other Early Onset Entrepreneurs (EOE)? Then you’ll want to listen to this podcast – because this week we talk with Justin Sisley, the man behind the voice of Driven To Better Podcast. If you’re new at being an entrepreneur and you’re growing tired of reading about all of the most awesome Elon Musks of the world, you do have a podcast show and it’s called Driven to Better!

Justin Sisley’s podcast provides the guidance and support that a lot of Early Onset Entrepreneurs (EOEs) need. Justin noticed that EOEs have access to a lot of books, articles and blogs that are geared toward the glory of “making it” as an entrepreneur. But when do we need help and support the most? At the start of the journey! He saw that there wasn’t a resource for just that, and like any great entrepreneur, he decided to create one!

Sisley is currently the entrepreneur mastermind behind a yard game company that operates several organized leagues out of Madison, Wisconsin. He’s started and shuttered several businesses in his ripe-old age of 28 (you read that right, 28!) but he is so honest about his struggles and, he thinks, of not being a bona fide SUCCESS as an entrepreneur as of yet, which is another reason I really like this guy and why I think you’ll like him too! He says that he’s still learning about business and waiting for that “aha moment” – aren’t we all Justin?

If you’re about to pull the trigger on your entrepreneurial idea or even if you’re in the early phase of launching, tune in to Justin’s podcast and catch what other EOE’s have done and are doing to make their businesses successful.

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