JenJudgeJen Judge is the owner of Jen Judge Photography. She kept asking me why I included her as an interviewee on The Intrepid Entrepreneur.

Let me ask you, audience. The Intrepid Entrepreneur focuses on showcasing business owners who are driven by adventure; who don’t have a blue print; who seek out that scary “edge.” Jen is right there. In fact, I believe she could likely be the epitome of an Intrepid Entrepreneur and she also is continuing to rewrite the rules as she goes – throwing in bike training, global travel and growing her company.


Jen is also a person who literally lives her life – both in business and personally – on the sharp end (that’s a climbing phrase for getting out and getting after it, leading and not following and not needing a map or blueprint, letting passion and adventure guide you. … etc.).

The adventure photographer is such a coveted entrepreneurial career isn’t it? Keep in mind that Jen has paid her dues and puts professionalism front and center.

She knows first hand that her business and her life are the sum of her experiences. She did spend time in the trenches selling ads at Rock & Ice and working in sales in the photography business. Both added important layers to her offer as an entrepreneur. So, now Jen considers what her clients want – both new and repeat clients – regarding their visual representation. She literally puts herself in their shoes to add the experience of her artful eye in her photography with her business acumen.

She refers to herself as a freelancer – often – in this conversation. However, note that she is managing a stable of clients while also continuing to try new things to bring in the steady work and new clients to her roster. When Jen feels challenged, a little scared and also in her element (immersed in foreign cultures, pushing the envelope on her bike and in her personal goals, etc.) is when she does her best work.

And? If you’ve never heard of Yap, you should listen to this podcast because apparently it’s a cool place to visit!

Bravery in Business Quote:

“I had a fear of failure big time, and I felt I had a lot to lose. But at the same time, when we moved and I didn’t have job, I kind of had to just go for it. So I did and that was when things opened up!”

Habit for Success?

“Passion is very important, yes, but being an entrepreneur has also been about showing up, being professional and having the skills (business-wise) to back that passion up. I like to consider how I’d like to be treated if I were the client, and go from there.”

Pivot Moment?

“When I HAD to just get out there and do it. That’s when things really changed and started to go in the right direction.”

Coolest Expansion Idea:

“I thrive on all things new – on being out of my comfort zone. When I embrace that, all seems to go in the right direction.” Let’s not forget, because I personally hope to see and experience it, Jen’s possible goal of being in a fine-art photography exhibit at some point…

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