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Three Secrets to Creating Rabid Fans and Customers through Content

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Welcome to January, 2016! As promised, January kicks my brand-new free training format for 2016 and today is the launch. … Because January’s training topic is CONTENT, more specifically, how to build an audience that’s rabidly stoked on the content you’re offering them, so much so that they want to share what you create and…

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Who Wants to Go Bigger with their Business in 2016?

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Happy Holidays to my bold, amazing and motivated entrepreneurs! If you’re anything like me, a little inspiration goes a long way as I finish my 2016 goals and planning for my two companies, Verde Brand Communications and the Intrepid Entrepreneur (formerly I know You’re so ready to drop the clutch in 2016…

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Want a Salesperson? Storytell!

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So, hopefully by now, you’re dating more. Last week’s Ube-Blog post covered ‘how to get more dates.’ If this worked out for you, awesome! Now, let’s talk about creating a connection with your dates (or ideal customers). Without that connection, they’ll very likely never commit to you, meaning, buy from…

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