Interbike and Outdoor Retailer Announce Joint Media Event for Women Only

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Mtn Diva on The Women's Story gear test
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Looks like Emerald Expositions, the company that operates the Interbike and Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade shows as well as 63 other shows, has spied a good opportunity. Next June, the company will promote a women’s specific event for  general lifestyle and broad market media.

The announcement (full link below) clarifies that the event is aimed at “non-endemic” media, which means our industries are hopefully embracing the idea of moving laterally – not just vertically – among the population. Core users will always drive our sports and activities, but the most effective way to see scalable growth is by welcoming new participants and supporting entry-level enthusiasts.

And, naturally, we’re also intrigued by the focus on female journalists and women’s specific gear. If done well, we presume the organizers and sponsors (i.e. the companies who are paying for their product to be represented) will take care to identify the design qualities that differentiate women’s gear from men’s, and why it is important… or not.

Mountain Diva take: we’re stoked and we wish them well. Excuse a momentary lack of humility, but we want to throw a small kudos to our sister company, Verde Brand Communications. Verde has long valued non-endemic media for the important role it plays in introducing outdoor brands and gear to readers who did not identify as “core” users. While today’s Verde media events have evolved and other outdoor communications companies have jumped on the bandwagon, Verde was dragging huge suitcases full of gear to the offices of New York media long before many in the industry saw the connection.

It’s an important bridge to build: removing the participation barriers to outdoor activities and increasing accessibility through broadening the definition of what it means to take part.

To read the full press release from Emerald Expositions, click here.



  • Jen says:

    You lost me at “non-endemic” (i’ll need to go look that up) but this does sound like a wonderful event. Too bad it’s in Jersey. Do you think they will have half-naked men there serving cocktails like Interbike?