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From Gear to Beer – One Entrepreneur’s Journey

In the span of a 12-year career at, a pioneering e-tailer in the active outdoor lifestyle markets, Hud Knight wore many hats. He liked the fact that at the start, he worked with’s first 25 employees. Everyone was all hands on deck; the founders were shipping product and taking customer service calls in the garage that served as their first office in Heber City, Utah. grew, and grew and grew even more. By the time Hud left, the company had over 950 employees. It’s not surprising that Hud began to miss the start-up feel of it all. While working at and making a home in Park City, Utah, Hud began to see an opportunity emerge for a start-up.

Turns out that four of his other partners – who, like him, were equally passionate about getting after climbing, riding and being on-snow in the amazing Wasatch backcountry and drinking fine craft brews — couldn’t help but notice that there was a distinct void in their home town for really awesome beer. They teamed up to found Park City Brewery. In this podcast, Hud shares the experience of going from concept to full-blown reality in a super short window of time. He also talks through the fact that despite the fact that craft brewing is a new industry for him, it feels familiar because there’s a ton of crossover between beer and gear, and being in the mountains. Hud and his crew have definitely struck a cord in Park City and in the outdoor market for their product and taproom experience. It’s hard to believe that they’re already adjusting manufacturing to handle the incredible demand. Listen in today to hear his incredible story on The Intrepid Entrepreneur. Head over to, and enter to win one of 10 Park City Brewery trucker hats!


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Bravery in Business Quote:

“Why go big, when you can go HUGE?”

Habit for Success?

“Working on something that I’m passionate about, and with other people who are just as passionate about it as I am.”

Pivot Moment?

When Hud and his four partners decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns and build out Park City Brewery’s infrastructure (the brewery itself and the tap room) themselves. This operation is literally hand-built by its founders’ vision and hard work.

Coolest Expansion Idea:

Bringing the experience of Park City, Utah, in the form of Park City Brewery beer, well beyond Utah. Hud’s official title is “Global VP of Marketing,” to give you an idea of who big-thinking this crew is.


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