Set your intentions

We’re into the second quarter of the year. Already, yes! It seems crazy to think about how fast this year has been flying by. And then it hits. Wow, it’s MAY!

What happened? Where did the time go? And why is there a stack of “To-Dos” still on my desk?

Raise your hand if you still feel a little bit behind. Now, raise your hand if some of your goals from the first quarter kind of….fell through…

So how can you step up your game? How do you keep the goals you want to achieve still… achievable? In my line of work, these are the kinds of questions that I get all of the time. You’re not alone! Setting and meeting those intentions can be pretty tricky.

We’re all familiar with the thermostat that regulates the temperature in our homes. You might not be as familiar with the assortment of thermostats that we have laying around our proverbial mindsets. The house thermostat works to regulate temperature and the internal thermostats work to regulate self-expectations.

I’m a Mom and owner of two active businesses. I also like to try to race road bikes, and yes, that takes a lot of time (PS – these points are are ALL evidence that I have limiting beliefs around these topics, eh?).

At least, this was how it used to be for me. This is my third year feeling that I’m finally controlling my cycling thermostat more. I think that because I have a part of my identity that’s completely comfortable being an athlete, this one was easy prey for me.

The thermostat adjustment that was needed was two fold. First, I needed to ditch beliefs I had about my age, the time available to devote to it, whether or not pursuing cycling at this time in my life was permissible, etc. Second, I needed to let myself have the dream of racing my bike and believe that I could do well at it.

I went to work adjusting the appropriate thermostats.

So today, I ask you to take a quick inventory of the top three things you wish you were better at or  that you wish you could improve in your life experience. You can download your FREE Intention-Setting Worksheet HERETry answering these questions to get you started:

  • Do you want to start meeting your goals?
  • Do you want to have more free time in your schedule?
  • Do you care too much what others think of you or think you should do?
  • Are you ready to tune in to a new frequency?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, get your FREE Intention-Setting Worksheet HERE and start transforming into the goal-setter you always wanted to be! Check out this video from Derek Sivers on TED – about keeping your goals to yourself and how that, quite remarkably, keeps you on the track to success:

So, download your FREE Intention-Setting Worksheet HEREto get started making those goals of yours happen!

Until next time!