LU 2.19.15

Starting new businesses or programs can be tough for entrepreneurs: we tend to find that we are always racing against the clock. How do we make the most of our time to be sure all of the pieces of crazy small business puzzle are covered? Look no further than this great read to help with social media time limitations.

I recently ran across this article from Social Media Today and Debra Ellis titled, “How to Win the Small Business Social Media Time Challenge”. Click on this link for a well-defined list of best practices and bookmark for later.

This article makes a great point stating, “the great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words, ‘I did not have time.’ ” ~ Franklin Field

Aside from having a lack of time, “your goal is to find opportunities to connect with customers and prospects to improve or create relationships. Those relationships will ultimately strengthen your company.” This is incredibly sound advice. Take a look at the outlined following tips to get you started on your social media time management.

– Start with these questions to find new opportunities
– Do create long tail content
– Do provide detailed information on how to use your products and services
– Don’t try to use trending activity or controversy to get more exposure unless it is directly related to the information you are providing
– Do not respond to every mention
– Don’t encourage comments for the sole purpose of getting more comments
– Do use tools to automate when possible
– Don’t go down the rabbit holes
– Don’t measure results
– Don’t listen to naysayers

Do you have more time to pursue other things?

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