The digital marketing funnel infographic: winning new customers with marketing strategies

What’s the most important thing to your customers? We talk so much about marketing and social media and finding out what our avatar does that it’s easy to lose sight of the thing that matters most to them: an amazing product.

Building the best product possible should be a top priority for all entrepreneurs. Especially for those of us who started our businesses in industries we’re passionate about. We should be focused on making the best products we possibly can.

It won’t matter how many people are talking about what you’re selling if it turns out to only be a mediocre creation. People buy products that are supposed to work well. It’s that simple, and everything else is secondary.

Being Assets-Based

A lot of companies right now are selling personality. They have a charismatic founder, or perhaps a famous spokesperson sharing their merits. For these companies, the person is the brand. But this doesn’t work for everyone, and even when it does, it won’t necessarily create long term customers. As a passion driven entrepreneur, you want your customers to know how excited you are about your work. But what will really get them excited is the quality of what you’re selling, which is your asset.  

Focus on the Product

It might seem like what you need to do first is build a strong online presence, or a great website, or marketing materials. All of these things are really important, don’t get me wrong. People need to learn about your product!

But new entrepreneurs have a tendency to do too many things at once. Don’t try to sell your product before it’s done, and don’t get wrapped up in diversifying and expanding. Not yet. Do one thing well, and people will remember it more than a string of mediocre things.

Your products are your company’s strongest assets. Building a great product is adding value to your brand, and building a brand is a long term commitment. So focus on the quality of your assets, the strength of your content, durability of your product, and on what matters most to your customers. The rest will follow

Building Influence

Not only will a strong product appeal to customers, but it will also strengthen your platform. Good products reflect well on the people and companies that made them. If people like your product, they’ll start to consider you an expert on it, and an authority with influence in your field. They’ll want to know what you think about other products, and wait for your brand to launch a new line. Your name will mean something. People will respect it based on the strength of what you’ve done.  Influence is an asset.

What else can you do to build influence through your product?

Once your product is complete, let people in on some of the behind-the-scenes of what went into creating it, as well as what specific problems it has been built and continually refined to address. People want to know what your product can do better than what’s already out there. Your product cannot simply be a “me too” product, but instead should be one that will blow the competition way with it’s superiority.

It’s not just about having the content or merchandise that people want, it’s about presenting these items to customers in an accessible and manageable manner. Show them how much work you’ve done to create what you have. Help them to see why it has such amazing quality and functionality. Build your influence by showing how knowledgeable you are.

You might not feel like you’re an authority about anything, but if you’ve created a product that people love, and you’re an expert on that thing. So don’t be afraid to let people see those skills you’ve acquired, and use this expertise for what it is — an asset to your company.