How Do You Uniquely Solve Your Customers Problems: A Primer

Nail Your Brand Story

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This week’s blog post is the next step in the March training theme for the Intrepid community – we’re going to cover the importance of knowing exactly what your business provides to your customers, that ONLY your business can provide.

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We’ll start today with a quote from Bernadette Jiwa, author of the Fortune Cookie Principle.

“People don’t buy your widget, your app, your code, your smartphone, your music player, your homemade cupcakes, your fresh flowers, your candles, your music, your computers, your front-row seats, your business-class flights, your graphic design, your printing or your coaching. … They buy how it makes them feel. The story is your advantage.”

Isn’t it odd that you can actually make your target customer (avatar) feel something by what you’re selling? That’s the power of brand storytelling. People are not buying the plane, they’re buying the destination (I’m not sure who said that, but it’s very true).

Pairing the power of brand storytelling with the advent of website resources like Google, YouTube and WordPress and social media platforms like Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook and Instagram multiplies our capabilities to grow our reach ten-fold. This is the revolutionary time we live and do business in. These resources also:

  • Enable two-way conversation.
  • Allow us to tailor our offerings to the needs of our avatars while we’re still developing them.
  • Empower our avatars to share our content, which makes it appear to our avatars that our brand belongs to them.

They’ve become the arsenal that’s the gas on the fire that is today’s era of massive opportunity for entrepreneurs. Think about it – there are 7+ billion people on this planet and you now have the opportunity to connect with heaps of just the right ones, thanks to the Internet and social media.

But there are major challenges to this opportunity as well:

  • If don’t know who you’re targeting or why what you offer is the absolute perfect solution for who you’re targeting, being on the right websites and social platforms won’t help you.
  • A lot of other brands (yes, including our competitors) are also jockeying for position for your avatar’s attention.

If you don’t take the time to figure out your avatar and how you serve them in a way that no other business can, you can’t rise above the deafening noise online.

You have to know who you’re serving and how ONLY you can serve them with the best solutions before you can go anywhere near creating an authentic brand story. And you can’t be effective using the bridges of websites and social platforms unless you’ve got a kick-a** brand story to share.

With today’s connected consumer, we have to be disciplined in this regard. We have to niche, be specialized – we have to be known for innovation in a way that only we can innovate and for clients that we literally were meant to serve.

Do you feel 100% sure that you’ve got a handle on your businesses’ and brand’s point of differentiation? So many entrepreneurs believe they have a handle on this, but most of us really don’t. The reason is because we believe that our point of differentiation is obvious and our niche is clear. But often, it’s really only clear in our heads. This can be especially true for company founders.

To get clear on this: Spend at least an hour this week considering exactly how your offering stands apart in terms of how you create solutions for your customers. I like to journal for this, but use a whiteboard or an audio recording if that’s what will enable you to focus and really drop in on this. The main question you’ll want to explore: What’s the transformation your offering in your product or service? I would also recommend doing the following:

  • Review your “why” – get yourself emotionally connected with why you launched your company, focusing on who you’re creating your solutions for (your ideal avatar).
  • Write down the top problem that your business solves for your avatar.

Get clear on this and you’ll create clear bridges right to your avatar to discover your brand.

Next week, I’ll be training you more on how to know where your avatar’s points of entry are.

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