LU 2.11.15

In this week’s newsletter we learned “how to fake it till you make it”, but what are the steps in getting there? Settings goals is great, but sticking to them is another story.

I recently ran across this great read from and Sarah Stanley titled, “The Art of Goal Setting for the New Year”. Click on this link for a helpful and well-organized process to get your goal setting underway.

This article really lays out a great instruction plan, but it also gives some great guidance. My favorite piece of advice is this – “Making goals that are achievable, practical and sustainable is a great way to ensure that you’ll be pleased with the end results.” Take a look at the following tips and bookmark this piece for reference later:

– What’s a good goal?
– How can I make realistic goals?
– Why do I need goals?
– How do I achieve my goals?


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