Get Social with Your Customers and Clients


Last week, I saluted you for being a part of my list and explained why building your own email list is a super important part of the viability of your company going forward. As I thought about this more, the topic is really about connecting to your customers, clients, fans and followers.

That all sounds fine and good, doesn’t it? It’s like I am writing to a group of people who have heaps of free time to be of service on social media between stints of hanging out in the hammock eating bags of Chips Ahoy cookies. …

Um…. No. I so know that’s not you. How do I know?

Because I’m just like you. I own Verde Brand Communications and I’m also a side hustler with and the Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast. I’m a time-strapped entrepreneur, mother of two and aspirational cyclist who needs to make every minute of every work session the most impactful as possible.

My audience (that includes you, thank you again!) is comprised of hard-working, visionary people who are either leading their own businesses or hard at work figuring how to do just that. They’re either in the active outdoor lifestyle markets or want to be in them. Freedom is a huge value and priority to people like us.

Acknowledging that we have a lot going on also means we need to realize that time is our most precious commodity. So, my promise to you is to give you stoke and solutions to get it all done in remarkable style.

Connecting to your audience, customers, fans and followers is one of the most important things you can do to grow revenue, increase profit and build a more sustainable company. Building your list and communicating to your list, and being participatory on social platforms are two things you should be allocating time and resources to.

I have to find the time to do email marketing and social media just like you do.

Last week, I also shared some best practices around building your own email list and communicating with it regularly and remarkably.

I also talked about how you shouldn’t build your fans and followers on your social platforms because you don’t own how social media platforms will allow you to connect with your customers (they change algorithms regularly, as you well know).

Know that I wasn’t implying that you shouldn’t be active for your business on select social media platforms. Instead, I was advocating that you don’t rely solely on social media to connect with your audience, customers, fans and followers.

It’s actually really important to show up in a way that brings value, furthers the conversation and brings an element of contribution on those social platforms that make sense for your business. Not committing to being consistent with your social media will hurt you.

I came across this quote from an article in AdWeek:

“Ignoring customres on social media is similar to ignoring the phone ringing when they call your help center. …” (or your business – I know our crew does’t have “call centers” per se)

If you’re wondering how to make it all work within the hours of the day that you’ve got available to you, you’re so not alone.

Because I am one of you, I thought it would be helpful to share with you how I make it all work. With and my podcast, I don’t have a full-time group of employees (like I do at Verde). Nope. They’re reliant on me and a few super-part-time resources.

I make the content, email marketing and social media and The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast work by:

1- Being clear about who I’m serving and what I offer. This means I know my ideal client avatar (who I’m talking to) like the back of my hand. (I know what I offer that they need and I also know where they are “hanging out” online. I gained a line of sight on this by completing the avatar and values worksheets, which you can download by going to the home page of

2 – I know which social platforms my customers and audience frequent. They include: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

3 – I’m all about calendar-ing and routine. There’s no way I could achieve anything working on as many things as I do without that focus and discipline

4 – I also have an editorial calendar (also could be known as a marketing calendar) that I follow that outlines a monthly theme to my business content for, and breaks it out into weeks. That’s also a key component of making this all work.

5 – I’ve invested a small number of hours a week in a virtual assistant (VA), to help me with my email customer relationship management (CRM) platform. I use Ontraport.

A typical week will take between three to four hours of content creation, social media post generation and sharing, responding to my social media as needed and working with other entities to expand reach. Out of a 40-hour workweek, that’s not too bad, in my opinion. If I am very organized around it and use my system and routine, it gets done. If I know I’m going to travel, I will post before I go and schedule out the content.

Again, knowing exactly who you want to serve and exactly what you offer that will cut down on wasted time. You have to know your ideal customer/client (avatar) very well. Also, focus on one or very few social platforms if you’re just starting or are feeling like you can only handle that. That’s completely fine, as long as you know your avatar is there – you can create a lot of progress on one platform when you’re strategic about it. Being consistent is also very important, as is working to always give value to your avatar. I also delegate – albeit sparingly – which greatly helps me be consistent and of value to you, my most awesome reader and community member.

Your turn. … How about your customers, clients or prospects? Do you feel like you know who your target is? Do you know what they are looking for that only you can serve them with? Do you feel like you’re connecting with your ideal customer in a way that’s bringing value to them? Do you struggle with having time to do this? Please let me know where you would like some insights and coaching, and I can create new content to help you. That’s why I’m here and how I can serve you, as an incredibly valuable part of my community! Send me an email and get some customized advice –